GPS tag database for fishing (2023)

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GPS tag database for fishing (1)

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This is a database of all GPS tagsMap.

If you suspect that one of the tags is incorrect, check the original source. If it's wrong, let them know. Or else,Let us know.

Note the dates

Most GPS units use the WGS 84 datum, but can display or accept datums to any datum. BCF uses datum WGS 84. NPRSR uses datum GDA 94. For fishing purposes, this is "close enough" to WGS 84 and results in an error of about 1 meter. Most grid tags do not specify the data used. Of those listed, most are WGS 84. Some are earlier dates, such as Aus 66. The Aus 66 datum differs from WGS 84 by about 200 m. Table below. Your GPS should allow you to enter waypoints using any waypoint and convert them for you. None of the GPS tags here are converted between dates.

Grid marks are indicated by the letter "f" on maps immediately after the coordinates. BCF brands are marked with the letter "b". NPRSR chips are marked "AR" (for artificial reef).

GDA94 and WGS84 were identical in 1994. Today they differ by about 1 meter, mainly due to the movement of the Australian tectonic plate SSE by about 7 cm per year. The GDA 94 datum is attached to the Australian table and moves with it (as do your fishing grounds). The WGS 84 datum is global and does not move with the Australian plate.

GPS tag database for fishing (2)

degrees south degrees east Description Source
1246.59414249.126AGS84 Wenlock Falls Barramundi, Saratogo, Yabby.The fishing net
1528.70014524.865WGS66 East Boulder Reef Cooktown. Reef fish, pelagic fish.The fishing net
1609.01514537.526Pratt Rock Coral Trout, grebenska riba.The fishing net
1642.32214540.583Wreck Water depth ll.9m.The fishing net
1645.50714541.609Wreck Water depth 7.3 m.The fishing net
1640.65814542.458WGS84 Butch Mackerel. Water depth 18.5m.The fishing net
1647.42114603.057Green Island Coral Trout, Nannygai.The fishing net
1647.52614604.543Green Island Coral Trout, Nannygai.The fishing net
1713.32014604.700WGS84 Jones Patch Franklin Islands. Koralørred,The fishing net
1739.49614609.414WGS84 Mackerel Innisfail. A kind of reef. WaterThe fishing net
1824.58514610.826WGS84 Fingers Hinchinbrook channel.The fishing net
1828.54714613.105Kanal Haycock Bombora Hinchinbrook.The fishing net
1814.10914619.664Eva Bombora Otok Eva.The fishing net
1858.04014640.270AUS66 Acheron Shoals reef type. Ridge and karstThe fishing net
1856.60414642.147WGS84 hidden reef coral trout, Skuša, Sweetlip,The fishing net
1855.03014709.240Beals Bomber Cobia, Reef arter. VanddybdeThe fishing net
1855.96514710.198WGS84 Townsville Broad Spanish Mackerel, Red Emperor,The fishing net
1845.00014728.050Discovery Wreck WGS84. Mackerel, Cobia, NannygaiThe fishing net
1907.75014642.550WGS84 Burdekin mackerel. Water depth 10 - 20m.The fishing net
1919.80014737.500Olupina broda Trawler Nannygai, Trevally, Sweetlip.The fishing net
1911.25014737.800WGS66 Merinda Shoals 10 miles from Cape Bowling Greena.The fishing net
1922.00014803.000AG84 Old Reef Cape Upstart. Coral trout, redThe fishing net
2241.23915050.553WGS84 Greasey Alley cod, mackerel, coral trout, whiting.The fishing net
2239.86015103.710Perforeret Isl.Ledge Red Emperor, Snapper, Black Jewfish,The fishing net
2239.39015113.990Perforeret Isl.Ledge Red Emperor, Snapper, Black Jewfish,The fishing net
2240.25015121.160Perforeret Isl.Ledge Red Emperor, Snapper, Black Jewfish,The fishing net
2320.86315107.893WGS84 Police Ridge Lower Ridge. Water depth 15m.The fishing net
2320.23615116.949WGS84 Cape Capricorn Pinnacles.The fishing net
2355.98015131.150WGS66 Jenny Lind Bank Reef Gladstone. Coral trout, emperor,The fishing net
2333.29015139.330WGS66 Polmaise Reef Gladstone. Coral trout, emperor,The fishing net
2341.50015141.400WGS66 Rock Cod Shoal Gladstone. Coral trout, emperor,The fishing net
2347.08615155.576WGS84 Barcoola Devil Wreck.The fishing net
2354.42015157.490WGS66 South Bastard Sweetlip, Hussar, Parrotfish.The fishing net
2340.02015208.000Seventeen seventyThe fishing net
2454.19215232.000WGS84 Cart, Torsk, Sweetlip,The fishing net
2459.43015233.220Four Mile Reef Bundaberg. pelagijsko,The fishing net
2445.04015237.410AUS66 Evans Patch Pelagics, Grebenska riba, Baracuda,The fishing net
2433.15715247.982Johns Spot Sweetlip, Parrotfish. KrsThe fishing net
2455.24615248.04225 deep hole (reef fish)BCF
2416.14415258.130Hervey Bay artificial reef. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
2449.60015308.600West Rooney Mackerel, Coral Trout, RedThe fishing net
2421.06015308.920Lagani brod North Fraser Island.The fishing net
2455.89015310.970WGS66 Just Fish Snapper, Emperor, Coral Brasen.The fishing net
2457.46615311.831Wathumba One Mile (reef fish mix etc.)BCF
2457.16515313.297Wathumba Coffee Rock (Snapper i Trevally)BCF
2458.51115328.059Gregre Sweetlip, the parrot,The fishing net
2505.54615234.405WGS84 Woodgate Artificial Bundaberg. pelagic parrot,The fishing net
2509.68915243.9778 Mile Burrum Heads (reef and sea fish)BCF
2508.67615249.966Spot Beacon Navigation beacon.The fishing net
2515.53815255.354Base for bait (live bait)BCF
2515.98015256.850WGS84 Roy Rufus artificial reef. Shipwreck. A kind of reef.The fishing net
2516.38815257.350Wooden boat (cod, coral bream, swordfish, black hen and pelagic)BCF
2516.35415257.454WGS84 2 barges Parrotfish, Sweetlip, Reef Cod,The fishing net
2516.26015257.860WGS84 Artificial Reef Type of reef. The bottom of the debris.The fishing net
2516.18215257.866K'Garri (cod, coral bream, swordfish, black hen and pelagic fish)BCF
2516.54015258.043WGS84 Artificial Reef 2 Water depth 10m. Gravel down.The fishing net
2516.45015258.154Otter (cod, bream, swordfish, black salad and pelagic fish)BCF
2517.02115258.230Goori (cod, coral bream, swordfish, snapper, nanny and perch)BCF
2516.97315258.463Wreck/artificial reef Squire, Snapper, Sweetlip,The fishing net
2512.80315259.099Moonswell (reef and pelagic fish)BCF
2512.92015259.150Coral moon trout, reef species.The fishing net
2510.95815259.912WGS84 Samys 01 Whiting, Deverika.The fishing net
2511.80015259.920WGS84 Samys 02 Hvilling, deveika.The fishing net
2516.53615300.489Nimbi Ledge North (cod, coral bream)BCF
2511.08615300.886Maringa Bommie (a mixture of reef fish, snapper, etc.)BCF
2517.86315302.097Bogimba Ledge (parrot, cod)BCF
2548.45815302.371The sufferingThe fishing net
2503.78115304.722WGS66 Arch Patch Makrel, type rot.The fishing net
2504.12415304.8366 Mile Harbor Cliff (Reef and Saltwater Fish)BCF
2548.14015305.001MidwideThe fishing net
2524.48415305.730Reef Double Island Point House. Makrel,The fishing net
2547.69015306.000BrodThe fishing net
2548.36015307.420Otok Pearly Grounds Sth Fraser.The fishing net
2554.17515312.390Pinnacles Double Island Point. Skuša,The fishing net
2552.00115315.012Double Island Point Red Emporer, Sweetlip, Skuša,The fishing net
2649.59015212.410WGS84 Caloundra 5 Mile Parrotfish, Snapper, Skuša.The fishing net
2623.10015304.150Sunny ridgeThe fishing net
2620.37715305.101Hall's Reef Spotted Mackerel, SpanishThe fishing net
2620.24015305.129Halls Reef (no information)BCF
2630.40015306.500Hancock Shoa1The fishing net
2621.95015306.880WGS84 Jew Shoal Reef Reef ground, 20 m deep, steepThe fishing net
2621.85915306.960Jewish mackerel, cobia, snapper,The fishing net
2633.10015307.000CoolThe fishing net
2621.63015307.120Jews Shoals (info ingen)BCF
2641.00015308.200KolarThe fishing net
2617.85015308.620Teewah Reef (info ingen)BCF
2645.32915309.100WGS84 Rapper Shoal Makrel, Snapper, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2645.30015309.200Shoa1 landmarkThe fishing net
2623.68015309.240WGS84 Misery Reef The southernmost point of the reefThe fishing net
2623.76015309.430Misery Reef The northernmost point of the reefThe fishing net
2638.75015309.500Inner GneeringsThe fishing net
2625.99915310.000Sunny Reef Type of reef. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
2633.20015310.000Arkwright Shoal fishes best at nightThe fishing net
2626.00015310.000Victor Bailey (no information)BCF
2627.50015310.000Castaways (ingen info)BCF
2622.55015310.010Massouds RidgeThe fishing net
2618.55015310.130WGS84 Reef Ground, blizu Noose,The fishing net
2625.00015310.200Sunny Ridge 2 (ingen info)BCF
2638.60915310.250Internal disturbances (no information)BCF
2644.00015310.300Running northThe fishing net
2615.50015310.401Northern reef snapperThe fishing net
2645.25015310.550Currimundi kandeThe fishing net
2640.00015310.800mackerel, yellowtail kingfish,The fishing net
2623.30015311.000Sunshine Reef l (info ingen)BCF
2645.50015311.100Run around the worldThe fishing net
2649.30215311.103South Blinker Squire, Parrotfish, RosieThe fishing net
2642.00015311.500Murphys Shoal Mooloolaba. Greben.The fishing net
2640.53715311.996Henry's (Sweetlip)BCF
2639.11415312.044WGS84 Murphy's Ridge Mooloolaba. Papegøjefisk, MosesThe fishing net
2638.86015312.200Vanjski Gneerings Mooloolaba. Snapper, Sweetlip,The fishing net
2639.30015312.300Leach Shoa1The fishing net
2647.25015312.550Hamilton Patches NorthThe fishing net
2650.30015313.250Hamilton Patches sydThe fishing net
2616.85015313.341Northern Ridge (Ingen info)BCF
2641.21115313.654Bob's Knob (Snapper, Sweetlip)BCF
2615.18015313.670Chardon Ridge (info ingen)BCF
2634.25015315.300Coolum Best at night, up closeThe fishing net
2641.00015315.300The fishing net
2634.25015315.300Coolum Reef (no information)BCF
2624.25015315.770Comb the thistleThe fishing net
2641.00015316.100Murphys North RidgeThe fishing net
2642.30015316.100Murphys South RidgeThe fishing net
2641.00015316.100Murphys North (info ingen)BCF
2642.30015316.100Murphys South (info ingen)BCF
2642.30015316.450The fishing net
2654.36315316.919AR wild bank corner markNPRSR
2631.21015317.080Inner Barwon Reef Mooloolabah. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
2655.30015317.100Sindh CaloundraThe fishing net
2654.00415317.271AR wild bank corner markNPRSR
2654.23815317.290AR wild hole fish bankNPRSR
2633.70015317.310Mooloolaba 2 Marlin.The fishing net
2654.53015317.463AR wild hole fish bankNPRSR
2654.67815317.829AR wild hole fish bankNPRSR
2655.04115317.862AR wild bank corner markNPRSR
2648.25015318.000Caloundra bred NWThe fishing net
2649.30015318.000Caloundra Wide SWThe fishing net
2648.25015318.000Caloundra Wide NW or 12 miles (no info)BCF
2649.30015318.000Caloundra Wide SW (info ingen)BCF
2654.65915318.195AR wild bank corner markNPRSR
2648.50015318.550Caloundra are bredThe fishing net
2650.00015319.250Caloundra Wide NEThe fishing net
2632.77015321.000Mooloolaba l Marlin.The fishing net
2643.00015321.000Twelve milesThe fishing net
2658.94515323.197AR kutna mark North MoretonNPRSR
2656.34015323.370North Moreton Trench Marlin, SailfishThe fishing net
2656.30015323.400North Moreton Trench (Marlin, Sailfish)BCF
2658.51615323.574AR kutna mark North MoretonNPRSR
2658.95315323.594AR North Moreton Fish BoxesNPRSR
2633.83015323.810Mooloolaba 3 Marlin.The fishing net
2659.39015324.051AR North Moreton Fish BoxesNPRSR
2659.61315324.150AR kutna mark North MoretonNPRSR
2659.10415324.165AR North Moreton Fish BoxesNPRSR
2659.18715324.524AR kutna mark North MoretonNPRSR
2633.86015324.950Mooloolaba 4 Marlin.The fishing net
2630.00015325.000Bowling Green NorthThe fishing net
2646.00015326.100Caloundra Wide (Snapper)BCF
2632.56715326.782WGS88 Bowling Green slimy mackerel, sardinesThe fishing net
2650.39015327.170The fishing net
2643.00015328.000The fishing net
2632.30015329.000Green East BowlingThe fishing net
2656.48015329.190Hutchinson's Shoal Squire, Parrotfish, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2656.55215329.209Hutchies Reef Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Pear1The fishing net
2650.45015329.280WGS84 Caloundra Wide Pearl Perch. Dubina 76m.The fishing net
2630.75015330.249Barwon Banks l (ingen information)BCF
2632.24015331.590The fishing net
2630.68015332.109Barwon Banks 3 (no details)BCF
2623.62015332.240The fishing net
2628.29015332.250Barwon BanksThe fishing net
2625.61015334.429Barwon Banks 2 (no details)BCF
2621.01015335.032The Hards l (Ingen info)BCF
2656.01515338.13936Fms East (Snapper, Tusk, Pearl Perch, Trag, Tun (Reef))BCF
2617.28015338.530The Hards 2 (ingen info)BCF
2635.19015417.250Mooloolaba 2 Marlin.The fishing net
2740.04015042.000NE Pin Snapper, Teraglin, Mulloway,The fishing net
2725.75715311.920118The fishing net
2726.79515312.221MrThe fishing net
2725.18715313.127115The fishing net
2725.28015313.340WGS84 Dvaid's Spot Sweetlip, Snapper, Morski pas,The fishing net
2726.12015314.020WGS84 Inside Hybers Light Sweetlip, Snapper.The fishing net
2726.60015314.452GulThe fishing net
2724.40315314.481116The fishing net
2723.30815315.266WGS84 Red Floating Beacon. Sandy bottom.The fishing net
2730.36015316.530Raby Bay Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
2730.22715317.386Cleveland Point (info ingen)BCF
2724.54915318.211Corner mark AR Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2724.53215318.304AR loppina Tiwi Perl Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2724.37015318.358Corner mark AR Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2723.99815318.374Harry's Artificial (ingen info)BCF
2724.40415318.386Harry Atkinson AR barrelsNPRSR
2724.75115318.399Harry Atkinson Snapper, Squire, Sweetlip,The fishing net
2724.60415318.411Harry Atkinson AR barrelsNPRSR
2724.65415318.413Corner mark AR Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2724.58015318.430Snapper.The fishing net
2724.53715318.527Harry Atkinson AR barrelsNPRSR
2724.58315318.568Harry AThe fishing net
2724.11015318.600Rous kanal (Snapper)BCF
2724.43715318.607Artificial reef. Snapper, Cobia,The fishing net
2724.41015318.620Shipwreck. Sandy bottom.The fishing net
2730.38415318.642AR kutna ogna zapadna koraNPRSR
2729.84215318.642AR kutna ogna zapadna koraNPRSR
2725.59615318.661WGS84 Andrew's Spot Whiting, vrsta grebena.The fishing net
2724.35015318.675AR kamenolom rock Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2730.27515318.700AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2724.42915318.701WGS84 Harry Atkinson Reef Kunstigt rev. snapper,The fishing net
2730.11715318.702AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2724.26215318.704Harry Atkinson AR barrelsNPRSR
2730.00215318.715AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2729.88015318.725AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2724.20115318.740Corner mark AR Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2724.34115318.752Corner mark AR Harry AtkinsonNPRSR
2730.35015318.772AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2730.23215318.800AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2730.07515318.802AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2729.92115318.849AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2730.27615318.855AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2730.18515318.867AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2729.99715318.890AR lobta klaster zapad peelNPRSR
2730.38415318.945AR kutna ogna zapadna koraNPRSR
2729.84215318.945AR kutna ogna zapadna koraNPRSR
2730.33915319.324Spit Beacon Peel (ingen info)BCF
2714.00015320.000WGS84 Fire Beacons Skuša, Cobia, Kingfish,The fishing net
2729.25815320.067Artificial reef Water depth 10m.The fishing net
2729.26015320.070WGS84 Reef l Snapper, Squire, Sweetlip,The fishing net
2724.01015320.110WGS84 East Green Island Sweetlip, deverika.The fishing net
2728.32415320.717Peel ReefThe fishing net
2732.72015320.830AUS84 Cam's Spot North Coochiemudloe Isl.The fishing net
2734.29715320.911AR kutna mark istok coochieNPRSR
2734.27315320.961AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2734.31015320.970AR kutna mark istok coochieNPRSR
2734.22215321.005AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2734.28315321.036AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2734.14315321.040AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2734.20815321.072AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2734.29315321.082AR kutna mark istok coochieNPRSR
2734.10615321.094AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2734.15915321.117AR lopta klaster east coochieNPRSR
2733.97415321.135AR kutna mark istok coochieNPRSR
2734.05015321.256AR kutna mark istok coochieNPRSR
2706.60015321.750Gardin artificial lamp, sea bream. Artificial reef.The fishing net
2706.80015321.800Take off.The fishing net
2710.00015322.000Bream wreck. the sea bream.The fishing net
2724.39015322.280Rous Channel Moreton Bay. Artificial reef.The fishing net
2724.48315322.439Zelena 1The fishing net
2723.69815323.569Zelena 2The fishing net
2722.76815323.627Red 1The fishing net
2722.53615323.762grid 2The fishing net
2723.19615323.860Zelena 3The fishing net
2722.39515324.288Red 3The fishing net
2723.20515325.077Zelena 4The fishing net
2755.90015325.140AGD66 Wavebreak North Wall Εικ. Trevally, pilgrim,The fishing net
2758.62015325.240AGD66 Sundale Bridge Whiting, Brasen, Trevally,The fishing net
2716.09915325.365Moreton Island Reef Shallow reef. Blue mackerel.The fishing net
2716.10015325.370Coffee Reef Makrel, Cobia, Snapper.The fishing net
2723.14215325.524Green 5The fishing net
2722.90715326.021YelGrnThe fishing net
2756.04715326.024The sea roadThe fishing net
2757.60015326.150Scottish Prince (Bait Grounds (Sand Reef))BCF
2708.60015326.210Spanish mackerel, a type of reef fish.The fishing net
2708.62315326.227WGS84 Coffee Rocks on the east coast of Moreton Island.The fishing net
2708.62015326.230Coffee 2 types Amberjack, Cobia, Reef.The fishing net
2721.06715326.728InbarThe fishing net
2753.43915326.987AR kutna mark South StraddieNPRSR
2757.25015327.000Spanish mackerel 12 Fathom/l Mile Reef, spottedThe fishing net
2752.35015327.081AR kutna mark South StraddieNPRSR
2720.64215327.105Middle rodThe fishing net
2752.88615327.200AR FAD South StraddieNPRSR
2752.61615327.237AR FAD South StraddieNPRSR
2752.35215327.274AR FAD South StraddieNPRSR
2752.78415327.316AR South Straddie Fish BoxNPRSR
2752.41615327.334AR South Straddie Fish BoxNPRSR
2753.14115327.400AR South Straddie Fish BoxNPRSR
2752.88515327.506AR FAD South StraddieNPRSR
2752.61515327.543AR FAD South StraddieNPRSR
2752.35115327.578AR FAD South StraddieNPRSR
2753.27915327.588AR South Straddie Fish BoxNPRSR
2753.43915327.614AR kutna mark South StraddieNPRSR
2719.87015327.641vanbarThe fishing net
2752.35015327.707AR kutna mark South StraddieNPRSR
2756.82015327.810Psatha Good luckThe fishing net
2717.99815327.893mamac01The fishing net
2756.93615328.017Seaway Pinnacles Snapper, Cobia, Skuša, ReefThe fishing net
2700.28815328.046Otok Smith Rock Moreton.The fishing net
2700.29015328.050WGS84 Sweetlip, Snapper. Water depthThe fishing net
2709.00715328.153East Moreton Snapper, Cobia, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2707.50015328.500Hendersons ShoalsThe fishing net
2757.90015328.500WGS84 Fisherman's Mark Snapper, Teraglin, Parrotfish.The fishing net
2759.65015328.710Snapper, Cobia, Mackerel, ReefThe fishing net
2707.90115328.74427 meters near Henderson S of RockThe fishing net
2705.40015328.750Low temperature rockThe fishing net
2706.66815328.803Ridge syd for the RockThe fishing net
2700.34915328.860Smith Reef 2km NE North Pt/Cape Moreton.The fishing net
2701.30015328.900the bottom of the ridge. A bomb.The fishing net
2707.22015328.974Shallow Tempest Sweetlip, Snapper, Papagaj,The fishing net
2700.40015329.000The fishing net
2702.00015329.000WGS84 Roberts Shoal Snapper.The fishing net
2705.14715329.053Plitki greben TempestThe fishing net
2701.23015329.130WGS84 Type Brennan Reef. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
2759.91015329.260Gravel Patch Tailor, Teraglin, Mulloway,The fishing net
2755.98015329.280Point l Snapper, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2752.26215329.499Item 3 Snapper, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2756.45715329.505Shells Reef Snapper. Dubina vode 30m. GrebenThe fishing net
2716.20715330.086S29S01 Ravni grebenThe fishing net
2716.18615330.094SE ridge of the South PassThe fishing net
2716.32615330.099S29S02The fishing net
2717.64915330.388Gravel Patch East St PassageThe fishing net
2718.04915330.591Tiny's Reef Squire, Pearl Perch, Cobia,The fishing net
2757.44215330.598Snapper Edwards, Parrotfish, Marlin,The fishing net
2756.08615330.610AGD66 Sjeverni 24 Fathoms Reef Snapper, Tarwhine, WrasseThe fishing net
2758.13715330.66524 Fathom Reef Snapper, Cobia, Makrel, ReefThe fishing net
2757.70715330.695Diamond Reef Bottom species. Water depth 49m.The fishing net
2759.19015330.790Golden Gate Snapper, Cobia, Skuša, ReefThe fishing net
2755.24015330.810Andrews NobbyThe fishing net
2757.24015331.000Ricks MarkThe fishing net
2707.44815331.06576 From rock 8? connectThe fishing net
2756.31515331.104Species 2 Snapper, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2714.12015331.150WGS84 Snapper, revfisk.The fishing net
2715.50315331.983WGS88 North 29'S Snapper. Ridge top.The fishing net
2723.94515332.456Mid Reef East South Passage Bar.The fishing net
2710.22115332.967Round Patch Snapper, Amberjack, Pearl PerchThe fishing net
2719.50015333.00029-ihThe fishing net
2747.00215333.000Cottons Reef (Snapper, Tusk, Pearl Aborre, Trag, Tuna, Pig, Cobia (Reef))BCF
2719.51215333.06933's Snapper, Squire, Parrotfish,The fishing net
2719.46415333.09429's Reef. Water depth 60μ.The fishing net
2723.30615333.097Flat Rock Good fishingThe fishing net
2723.31015333.100Flat stoneThe fishing net
2710.56715333.193WGS84 West Ledge Round PatchSnapper, Sweetlip.The fishing net
2748.10215333.200Cotton ReefThe fishing net
2744.22015333.270Alfov GrebenThe fishing net
2744.21615333.273Alfov greben Pinnacle Off Jumpinpin BarThe fishing net
2710.87915333.528Peak Square PatchThe fishing net
2710.30215333.600NE Sth Passage ReefThe fishing net
2722.75415333.681Sevens Reef Flat Rock, Nth Stradbroke Is.The fishing net
2707.72015333.820Snapper, Pearl Perch, Amberjack.The fishing net
2706.93615334.225NW Corner rockThe fishing net
2707.02315334.279Another rock videoThe fishing net
2707.07115334.310Night reef fishingThe fishing net
2714.12015334.630WGS84The fishing net
2707.52015334.727WGS84 Deep Tempest Snapper, revfisk, revbundThe fishing net
2720.76515334.793S35S04The fishing net
2707.72615334.810Snapper, Mulloway, Amberjack,The fishing net
2707.72115334.812WGS84 Snapper, Reeffisk, RevbundThe fishing net
2721.13215334.867S35S06The fishing net
2721.79215334.903S35S01The fishing net
2721.73415334.915S35S07The fishing net
2720.78515334.923S35S05The fishing net
2719.31215334.955S35S03The fishing net
2717.77515334.97135 Ravni grebenThe fishing net
2707.72115335.052WGS84 Snapper, Reeffisk, RevbundThe fishing net
2724.85815335.053WGS84 l Mile Reef Reef fish. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
2729.64215335.216WGS84 Snapper, Spangled Emperor,The fishing net
2709.20815335.244South of the cliffThe fishing net
2720.72115335.44835 Fathom Reef Moreton Island. Snapper,The fishing net
2736.55015335.671Snapper, Squire, Rock Cod.The fishing net
2734.70015335.740The Cathedral Reef riba.The fishing net
2734.70015335.748Cathedrals A good point of referenceThe fishing net
2714.50915336.004Square Patch AmberjackThe fishing net
2715.09115336.004AmbjckThe fishing net
2729.56015336.210Pinnacles type of ridge. The water depth increasesThe fishing net
2729.64115336.216PeakThe fishing net
2729.64015336.220Pinnacle Cathedral Reef.The fishing net
2730.64615336.566Reef fish from the Gold Coast, pelagic fish. WaterThe fishing net
2716.82315336.635big cakeThe fishing net
2719.79515336.689Pearlies SnapperThe fishing net
2719.97515336.689S35S02The fishing net
2714.69215336.871Square Patch 42 hvataThe fishing net
2744.90015336.900Ricks MarkThe fishing net
2746.00015337.000Pin Bar Reef Teaglin, en type rev.The fishing net
2717.28415337.007reef, cobia, perch,The fishing net
2729.32015337.440WGS84 riba dupin Waverider Bouy.The fishing net
2722.98815337.580Is trueThe fishing net
2723.17715338.982WGS84 NE Vidikovac perleaborre.The fishing net
2759.67815339.21036Fms SE (snapper, tusk, pearl perch, trawlers, tuna, porpoise (bream))BCF
2700.00015342.000Dedge D Olupina.The fishing net
2751.10215344.60050Fms NE (Snapper, Tusk, Pearl Perch, Trag, Amberjack (Reef))BCF
2707.42215348.812SEE Rock cornerThe fishing net
2750.58015431.620Calundra Wide 2 SnapperThe fishing net
2802.50015327.200Mermaid reef mackerel, flathead, cobia,The fishing net
2806.37015328.700Palm Beach Reef Reef fisk.The fishing net
2804.30015329.300Gruspatch Jewfish, mackerel, reef species.The fishing net
2804.25015329.500Greben Burleigh (Snapper, Kljova, Flathead, Trag (Gravel Patch))BCF
2800.73615331.510Broadbeach 24 Squire, Teraglin, Tailor,The fishing net
2800.40015331.52724Fms SE (snapper, flounder, flatfish, tuna (reef))BCF
2800.91015331.610Casino Reef Bottom items. Water depth 38m.The fishing net
2812.40015334.450Harry's cliffBCF
2807.20015335.160Kirra (black marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, tuna, sharks, baitfish (flat bottom))BCF
2812.16015335.500Fido's Reef Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper,The fishing net
2804.26015335.550Reef of JewsThe fishing net
2808.35015337.090Kev is 44TBCF
2811.74815337.676Tweed 9 Mile Snapper, Yellowtail Kingfish,The fishing net
2811.90515337.7459 Mile Reef Bottom and surface species.The fishing net
2801.89015338.77036 Fathom Reef Snapper.The fishing net
2805.64015339.390The distance is 61 mBCF
2801.03015345.960Blymine 50fBCF
2801.84515347.43160Fms SE (black and striped marlin (seasonal!) flat bottom)BCF
2812.76715352.362Tweed Canyons l (Blue Marlin all year round (canyons, peaks from 120fms to 250fms))BCF
2813.98315353.027Tweed Canyons 2 (Blue Marlin all year round (canyons, peaks from 120fms to 250fms))BCF
2810.80015353.200Danger Point CanyonThe fishing net
2810.85015356.900Danger Point CanyonThe fishing net
2853.69415327.467Richmond River Estuary.The fishing net
2806.37015328.700Palm Beach Reef Reef fisk.The fishing net
2858.43515331.342North Riordons Reef Greben.The fishing net
2858.35015331.810Northern RiodensThe fishing net
2856.32015332.810WGS84 Mack Ground Spanish mackerel, spottedThe fishing net
2812.40015334.450Harry's cliffBCF
2807.20015335.160Kirra (black marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, tuna, sharks, baitfish (flat bottom))BCF
2812.16015335.500Fido's Reef Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper,The fishing net
2853.41015335.520Pippies Reef East Richmond River Bar.The fishing net
2808.35015337.090Kev is 44TBCF
2811.74815337.676Tweed 9 Mile Snapper, Yellowtail Kingfish,The fishing net
2811.90515337.7459 Mile Reef Bottom and surface species.The fishing net
2849.73915341.860Lennox2 Teraglin, Snapper, Morwong,The fishing net
2812.76715352.362Tweed Canyons l (Blue Marlin all year round (canyons, peaks from 120fms to 250fms))BCF
2813.98315353.027Tweed Canyons 2 (Blue Marlin all year round (canyons, peaks from 120fms to 250fms))BCF
2810.80015353.200Danger Point CanyonThe fishing net
2820.55015353.375Cudgen Head Canyon SThe fishing net
2820.55015353.380Cudgen Head CanyonBCF
2810.85015356.900Danger Point CanyonThe fishing net
2820.60015358.425Cudgen Head Canyon SThe fishing net
2958.60015316.200Snapper, mackerel, surface fishThe fishing net
2946.66215318.040Minnie Waters Teraglin, Snapper, Spotted Mack.The fishing net
2943.69015319.970Minnie Shoals Teraglin, Snapper, Spotted Mack.The fishing net
2952.68215322.304Clarence River Estuary.The fishing net
2942.00015323.800Pimpernell Rock Snapper, Kingfish,The fishing net
2912.93115325.576South Reef Evans Head St. Γκρέμπεν.The fishing net
2907.37815326.822WGS84 Evans Bar Evans Head.The fishing net
2914.37815328.185WGS84 Snapper, Teraglin, Yellowtai1The fishing net
2959.02515335.300WGS84 Red Rock Canyon NW Žutoperajna tun, Marlin.The fishing net
2907.17815337.155WGS84 The Patch Vanddybde 55 m Revbund.The fishing net
2956.03215341.000Lonely Canyon SThe fishing net
2956.37515341.000The fishing net
2957.00015342.600Lonely Canyon SThe fishing net
2951.40015343.000At the end of the N. canyonThe fishing net
2952.02515344.900At the end of the N. canyonThe fishing net
2929.10015347.600First gorgeThe fishing net
2929.42515349.025First gorgeThe fishing net
3048.47015300.240Damaged Baitfish. Water depth 5 degrees.The fishing net
3044.70015300.4001. greben (nepoznat)BCF
3037.85015301.520Live bait areas (3 fathom area very dangerous)BCF
3036.88015301.850Rowans Peak (Bluefin, Spanish and Spotted Mackerel)BCF
3052.29015301.900Breakwall (unknown)BCF
3036.67015301.950Sambo City (13 points)BCF
3048.15115302.480WGS84 Snapper, Morwong. Water depthThe fishing net
3052.91015302.560Boulder (unknown)BCF
3046.73015303.170Snookl Snapper, revfisk.The fishing net
3037.03015303.540Kindergarten (16 points)BCF
3052.29015304.150Measure the bottom of Bommie Rocky.The fishing net
3052.57015304.150Target Bommie (unknown)BCF
3036.39015304.60020 points (20 points)BCF
3051.38015304.720Goal Peak Snapper, Kingfish, Cobia.The fishing net
3051.79015304.720Jim's Hole Snapper. Water depth 19 degrees.The fishing net
3036.46015305.00020 points (20 points)BCF
3036.76015306.290Name not given (22 points)BCF
3036.43015306.38023 Fathoma (23 Fathoma)BCF
3046.22015306.700Trevov greben (nepoznato)BCF
3044.88015307.400XL snapper. Water depth 180'.The fishing net
3023.04015307.462Sawtell Ridge. Tries.The fishing net
3051.39015307.540Below with mixed dots.The fishing net
3051.40015307.540Doto Snapper, Cobia.The fishing net
3051.39015307.540Point (unknown)BCF
3022.10015307.850Sawtell Ridge. Water depth 5 degrees.The fishing net
3021.11615307.954Sawtell Headlands Water Reservoir.The fishing net
3021.02515308.175Whitmore Shoal Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3036.51015308.81028 fathoms (28 very straight)BCF
3017.81815309.086Park Beach Bommie Yellowtail Slimy Makrel.The fishing net
3043.35015309.110tadpole l (unknown)BCF
3020.39015309.370Daves Spot, Sawtell Snapper, Squire, Sweep.The fishing net
3044.88015309.380Andie's l (unknown)BCF
3017.05615309.912Macauleys makrel are farmed.The fishing net
3048.15015310.600kanjon Scotts HeadThe fishing net
3023.01915310.808Tankl Off Sawtell Headlands Water Tank.The fishing net
3023.29015310.833Tank2 Off Sawtell Headlands Water Tank.The fishing net
3018.73315310.891Mackerel Mackerel.The fishing net
3023.94015310.967Baitground Yellowtail, Slimy Mackerel.The fishing net
3019.22515311.000Changte2 Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3024.02515311.005Tank3 Off Sawtell Headlands Water Tank.The fishing net
3021.02515311.175MCHD80 Samsonfish, Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3019.00015311.375Changtel Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3025.33715311.515South Patch2 Snapper, Teraglin, Morwong,The fishing net
3025.17915311.524South Patch Snapper, Teraglin, Morwong,The fishing net
3027.21615311.568The Patch Samsonfish, Snapper, Teraglin.The fishing net
3027.25615311.627Bundagen Shoa13 Mackerel, Snapper, Samsonfish,The fishing net
3014.47715311.706Mackerel, Mackerel.The fishing net
3019.10015311.825Changte Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3025.80215312.200Bundagen Shoall Mackerel, Snapper, Samsonfish,The fishing net
3026.43415312.203Bundagen Shoa12 Mackerel, Snapper, Samsonfish,The fishing net
3025.57715312.262Sawtell Peak Snapper, Teraglin, Morwong,The fishing net
3004.74115312.987Snapperen trapThe fishing net
3004.02115313.329Mackeres Temptation Alley1The fishing net
3026.49915313.56713 Rough bottom. Snapper, Aborre.The fishing net
3022.65015313.650Sawtell Patch Water depth 3 degrees.The fishing net
3027.62515314.16614 Rough bottom. Snapper, Aborre.The fishing net
3015.36715314.456Northl Snapper, Flathead, Morwong,The fishing net
3020.00015315.000Flagl Grus Patch.The fishing net
3016.01415315.3514 ""The fishing net
3015.62315315.4793 Snapper, Perle Perch.The fishing net
3025.72215315.50712 Rough bottom. Snapper, Aborre.The fishing net
3024.35715315.61111 Rough bottom. Snapper, Aborre.The fishing net
3016.12915316.1212 ""The fishing net
3021.31015316.150Tuna, Delphinfish wave recorder.The fishing net
3013.04715316.181Selght Snapper, Teraglin, Pearl Perch,The fishing net
3015.66115316.2421 Rough bottom. Snapper, Aborre.The fishing net
3004.90215316.58816 Snapper, Perle Perch.The fishing net
3002.47015316.720The Drift (Snapper Flathead)BCF
3002.46715316.723Drift Snapper, FlatheadThe fishing net
3050.80015317.800Canyon Trial BayThe fishing net
3008.99415318.0049 ""The fishing net
3009.33115318.1166 ""The fishing net
3041.45015318.650Nambucca GorgeThe fishing net
3008.17215318.7157 ""The fishing net
3007.36715318.99510 ""The fishing net
3051.40015319.800The fishing net
3010.39715320.0615 ""The fishing net
3048.60015320.600The fishing net
3042.40015320.650Nambucca GorgeThe fishing net
3015.09815321.758Snapper Snapper.The fishing net
3005.89015322.06215 ""The fishing net
3034.60015322.800Canyon SawtellThe fishing net
3003.42215323.12817 Snapper, Perle Perch.The fishing net
3025.82515324.800Canyon SawtellThe fishing net
3025.87515324.800The fishing net
3021.57515325.000Sth Coffs Canyons N Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3018.20015326.000Coffs Canyons S Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3021.10015326.220Sth Coffs Canyons N Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3017.37515326.600Coffs Canyons N Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3023.80015326.600Sth Coffs Canyons S Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3015.36415327.065Coffs Canyons N Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3017.90015327.100Coffs Canyons N Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3024.17515327.175Sth Coffs Canyons S Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3019.00015327.625Coffs Canyons S Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3014.50015331.400Coffs Canyons N Marlin, Tun.The fishing net
3000.70015334.625WGS84 Red Rock Canyon ΒΑThe fishing net
3000.82015339.175WGS84 Red Rock Canyon SWThe fishing net
3002.30015339.620WGS84 Red Rock Canyon SEThe fishing net
3158.90015240.460WGS84 South Yuki Snapper, Teraglin. VanddybdeThe fishing net
3158.57015240.540UnderThe fishing net
3140.97015254.570WGS84 Cod Ground Camden Haven River Bar.The fishing net
3103.80015305.050Rosna looks onBCF
3103.25015305.240Inner backBCF
3102.24015305.910NA GrebenBCF
3101.74015306.131WGS84 Cooks Trap Line 4 Kingfish, Snapper, Smuđ,The fishing net
3101.25415306.307WGS84 Cooks Trap Line 3 Kingfish, Snapper, Smuđ,The fishing net
3101.48015306.310northern ridgeBCF
3100.91715306.434WGS84 Cooks Knob Trap Line Snapper, Nannygai, Pearl Perch,The fishing net
3100.59115306.583WGS84 Cooks Trap Line l Kingfish, Snapper, Pearl Perch,The fishing net
3138.90015306.800Camden Haven pistolThe fishing net
3139.25015310.350The fishing net
3120.70015313.650Pt Plommer summitThe fishing net
3126.30015314.350Pt Macquarie PeakThe fishing net
3126.35015315.355Pt Macquarie Canyon NThe fishing net
3129.35015315.500Pt Macquarie Canyon SThe fishing net
3116.70015316.550Canyon Pt PlommerThe fishing net
3117.00015316.550The fishing net
3126.70015316.600The fishing net
3129.60015317.200The fishing net
3129.80015317.200The fishing net
3139.35015317.200The fishing net
3105.75515318.500Capelos GorgeThe fishing net
3106.17015319.675The fishing net
3140.38215354.421North Haven Teraglin.The fishing net
3257.95015132.130The fishing net
3253.70015143.730Dudley NorthThe fishing net
3258.36015145.090Cross-country skiingThe fishing net
3259.63615145.225Toms 30 Mt MarkThe fishing net
3257.51515145.580TrinThe fishing net
3254.41315147.818Stockton vragThe fishing net
3254.29115148.032WGS84 Yarra Yarra Live Bait. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3256.78115149.426Dumping Grounds Squire, Brasen, Morwong, Trevally.The fishing net
3253.43615149.805200 mThe fishing net
3257.15415149.850WGS66 Simmies Reef Snapper, leather jacket, teagline.The fishing net
3254.39015150.120Newcastle EntThe fishing net
3255.26015150.120Pines (Danny)The fishing net
3258.68015150.24048 Mark 2The fishing net
3258.81015150.31048 Mark 1The fishing net
3252.66315150.580Mudhole ReefThe fishing net
3251.74015150.750VragsignalThe fishing net
3254.00015150.820northern ridgeThe fishing net
3257.62015152.100Ted's connectionThe fishing net
3255.11215152.525WGS84 Snapper Reef Snapper, Deverika, John Dory.The fishing net
3252.35015154.950TankThe fishing net
3252.48115156.088Engine mouthThe fishing net
3258.60115158.201WGS84 Mark's Mark Tun, Marlin.The fishing net
3250.73015158.860Tilliary ShoalsThe fishing net
3250.32015200.000Harvey OuterThe fishing net
3250.16015200.150Harvey's interiorThe fishing net
3250.00015200.240Harvey's interiorBCF
3250.62015200.430The fishing net
3246.63115201.315Big sand Hi11The fishing net
3246.63015201.320Sand hillBCF
3255.29015202.543Short shotThe fishing net
3241.62115202.941WGS84 Port Stephens oyster racks. white powder,The fishing net
3250.44015203.530Whole careerThe fishing net
3249.29015203.640In the careerBCF
3250.00015203.640Rommel RidgeBCF
3249.28815203.643In the careerThe fishing net
3250.00015203.643Rommel RidgeThe fishing net
3250.31015204.040Bred BirrusBCF
3250.30515204.041Wide BirrubsThe fishing net
3253.92715204.555The top of the shotThe fishing net
3251.00015204.810The stonesThe fishing net
3251.00515204.812BubblesThe fishing net
3254.15015206.500The top of the shotThe fishing net
3243.15415208.831Marlin classificationThe fishing net
3246.20415209.404They had RockyThe fishing net
3242.20515209.452Navigation Sth Cardinal Marker5.The fishing net
3237.13015210.030Esmeralda AnchorageThe fishing net
3247.14215211.049External bouldersThe fishing net
3243.96415211.476Flyroads vragThe fishing net
3242.76015211.480Tomaree headThe fishing net
3243.35015211.580AgnvragThe fishing net
3245.03015212.560Tommy shopThe fishing net
3244.68015212.800Entrance to Port StephensThe fishing net
3245.84015213.040The Peak Yellowtail Kingfish, Snapper,The fishing net
3243.51015213.130Pinnacle ligger στο Port Stephens.The fishing net
3240.47015213.560WGS66 SS Oakland Snapper, Kingfish, Mulloway.The fishing net
3240.76015213.990AUS66 Oakland Wreck Kingfish, Yellowtail, Mulloway.The fishing net
3248.80015214.010OaklandThe fishing net
3240.99115214.410WGS84 Gunsight Reef Snapper, Leather Jacket, Sea Bream.The fishing net
3242.34015214.710Mcley vragThe fishing net
3236.11815216.606WGS84 Lille Gibba CloseSnapper, CobiThe fishing net
3234.44015217.020The fishing net
3236.91015217.020southern sistersThe fishing net
3236.70015217.300SistersThe fishing net
3238.84015217.350Broughton PinnacleThe fishing net
3238.94015217.350Vee PinnacleThe fishing net
3239.75015217.640Internal VThe fishing net
3238.25615218.092Broughton is the Sth wreckThe fishing net
3237.80915218.394WGS84 Southwest Broughton Snapper. Dubina vode 9m.The fishing net
3243.13015218.490Blue Mud Tomb1The fishing net
3240.85015218.550O.J.'s RidgeThe fishing net
3239.41015219.130Air backThe fishing net
3240.13215219.520External 21The fishing net
3239.65015219.570MThe fishing net
3239.65015219.670The fishing net
3230.30015220.100Between MungoThe fishing net
3233.10015220.800MungoThe fishing net
3232.05015221.200Gibbler ShoalsThe fishing net
3232.35015221.200Gibbler ShoalsBCF
3232.35015222.650Gibbler Grave1The fishing net
3235.38015223.260three milesThe fishing net
3229.83015224.470Big Snout, Teraglin, Flathead,The fishing net
3232.61015225.500Gibbler IndreThe fishing net
3233.25015226.190External GibberThe fishing net
3235.08015227.211Grab MarlinThe fishing net
3235.15115227.261Grab MarlinThe fishing net
3235.26615227.346Grab MarlinThe fishing net
3235.26015227.840Grab MarlinThe fishing net
3235.15115227.846The fishing net
3216.46015229.695South Hawk Flathead, Snapper, Morwong.The fishing net
3229.11015230.050Edith Break insideThe fishing net
3229.01015230.120AUS66 Edith Breaker Snapper, Teraglin, Mulloway,The fishing net
3210.66015230.580Tony's Reef GroundThe fishing net
3210.49015230.680Login l Navigation Point - BarThe fishing net
3210.75015231.310Bait Grounds Baitfish tereniThe fishing net
3208.13015231.540LoadThe fishing net
3209.37015232.280Depth 27mThe fishing net
3209.33015232.340The fishing net
3209.23015232.360Forster Barge Local Dive Site - Reef FishThe fishing net
3209.16415232.386WGS84 teglenica Flathead, Mulloway.The fishing net
3226.60015232.420Sugar Loaf PointThe fishing net
3209.81015233.190BallastThe fishing net
3235.27015233.200Inner MungoThe fishing net
3205.82015233.500Sten classificationThe fishing net
3203.55015233.930Forster Mark Mulloway.The fishing net
3203.55015233.980Forster Mark Mulloway.The fishing net
3201.27515234.112Forster Mark Teraglin.The fishing net
3216.05015234.330Forster Mark Snapper, Teraglin.The fishing net
3212.87015234.530Trevally Mark (near) Dubina 23mThe fishing net
3216.08015234.5707 Mile Reef 2 Reef GroundThe fishing net
3216.08015234.6907 Mile Reef l Reef GroundThe fishing net
3203.20015234.810Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3202.98015234.910Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3221.16015234.930Jeff's Mark Flathead. Sand and grave 1The fishing net
3218.80015235.060The fishing net
3218.37115235.090Forster Mark Teraglin.The fishing net
3216.26015235.130A small quarry.The fishing net
3218.83015235.160Rock Water Dubina 62μ.The fishing net
3214.04015235.190Forster Mark Žutorepi Kingfish.The fishing net
3202.54015235.220Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3216.15015235.270Average reef reef 7 milesThe fishing net
3204.35015235.390Black Head Reef Reef GroundThe fishing net
3207.48015235.590The fishing net
3207.42015235.600Hoganova is a dressThe fishing net
3201.15015235.780Snapper Rock Dubina 20μThe fishing net
3240.00015235.960PinniklerThe fishing net
3203.79015235.980Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3213.74715236.009A type of Forster Pinnicles reef. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3213.78015236.140Deep Water - Yellowtail Kingfisher,The fishing net
3201.60015236.200Snapper Grounds SnapperThe fishing net
3216.84015236.2307 Mile Reef Reef GroundThe fishing net
3216.73015236.310Black Flag Rock Dubina vode 62m.The fishing net
3218.73015236.310Drivvandsdybde 68μ.The fishing net
3206.42015236.770Meagans hulkThe fishing net
3206.51015237.000Forster's triangleThe fishing net
3206.15015237.050Forster Mark Teraglin.The fishing net
3205.12015237.280Forster Mark Snapper, Teraglin.The fishing net
3214.44015237.470Mulloway vrag.The fishing net
3206.19015237.600TriangleThe fishing net
3206.13615237.662Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3206.24015238.100BlacksmithThe fishing net
3205.27015238.200RossThe fishing net
3204.67015238.380WGS84 Old Bar Sand Bottom. Depth 50m.The fishing net
3210.92015238.480Tony's Reef 2 Reef GroundThe fishing net
3206.95015238.600Forster Cliff Navigation PointThe fishing net
3205.38015238.970Below 6The fishing net
3206.12015239.050AnchorageThe fishing net
3206.19015239.050Forster Mark Mulloway.The fishing net
3206.24015239.150DJ 1The fishing net
3204.11015239.200Below 5The fishing net
3207.67015239.500DJ 2The fishing net
3202.36015239.510Below 4The fishing net
3207.25015239.5402 EESThe fishing net
3204.30015239.650Kingie Grounds Nth. Dubina 39mThe fishing net
3204.74015239.680Below 3The fishing net
3201.21015239.810Below 2The fishing net
3201.21515239.817Chinook String Reef dnr. Dubina vode 36m.The fishing net
3205.40015240.0705 Mile Reef l Reef GroundThe fishing net
3205.27015240.190ElsieThe fishing net
3201.31715240.373Forster Mark Teraglin.The fishing net
3201.51715240.373Forster Mark Teraglin.The fishing net
3205.66015240.600Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3205.15015240.6705 Mile Reef 2 Reef GroundThe fishing net
3206.54015240.830Forster Mark Mulloway.The fishing net
3243.57015242.450Rack traps Riba dupin, Marlin, Yellow finnetThe fishing net
3203.17015242.570Forster Mark Snapper.The fishing net
3203.00015243.000Foster Point NavigationspunktThe fishing net
3215.00015255.500They are bredThe fishing net
3215.90015255.750The fishing net
3216.40015257.600Teaglin jacket.The fishing net
3223.60015301.100Seal Rock Canyon NThe fishing net
3214.65015303.475Cape Hawk CanyonThe fishing net
3215.35015303.475The fishing net
3224.40015303.850The fishing net
3258.70015305.750Crowdy Head CanyonThe fishing net
3215.35015305.850The fishing net
3214.65015310.350Cape Hawk CanyonThe fishing net
3213.36015312.020Syd Teraglin.The fishing net
3233.10015357.600Seal Rock CanyonThe fishing net
3321.76015107.700Kanjoni NorahThe fishing net
3350.51515108.750Gladesville Bridge, Parramatta River. Mulloway.The fishing net
3304.04015109.020BaitsThe fishing net
3318.04015112.310Kanjoni NorahThe fishing net
3350.32015116.180Sows and pigs Rheophora, bream, kingfisher,The fishing net
3334.29415117.124Flint & Stee1The fishing net
3350.79015117.200Bremi, perch, old woman.The fishing net
3350.21515117.238South Head Wreck Flathead, Snapper, Deverika,The fishing net
3352.00015117.360WGS84 Olupina Annie Millar - Nannygai, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3350.32015117.410The fishing net
3347.57515117.725Queenscliff GrabenThe fishing net
3352.12015117.870AUS66 Kingfish, Mulloway, Trevally.The fishing net
3350.00015118.000Sydney Heads Snapper, Sweep, Flathead,The fishing net
3351.00015118.000head of SydneyThe fishing net
3347.15115118.631RedThe fishing net
3350.48015119.220Obelisk tuna, marlin, shark, sea bream,The fishing net
3349.93015119.290He shakes his headThe fishing net
3346.59015119.400Old Dee Why Snapper, Bream, Shark.The fishing net
3346.11115119.407WGS84 Iggy's Spot Snapper, Morwong. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3346.11015119.410WGS66 Grants Snapper Snapper. Dubina vode 50μ.The fishing net
3349.60015119.450Boje Kingfish, Snapper, Sweep,The fishing net
3344.37015119.600AUS66 Long Reef Wall Rock and boulders rise on the shelf.The fishing net
3344.40915119.677AUS84 Snapper Long Reef Close, Kingfish.The fishing net
3350.78015119.910The Leads Snapper, Vrsta grebena.The fishing net
3353.73515120.053WGS84 Pines #2 Snapper, Morwong, Trevally.The fishing net
3335.05915120.076The fishing net
3334.90015120.100Barrenjoey Fix is ​​the east coast, a small reefThe fishing net
3339.80015120.150Newport ReefThe fishing net
3341.57015120.150Jewhole Shark, Mulloway, Teraglin, DeverikaThe fishing net
3339.59815120.234Newport Flathead. Dnr.The fishing net
3340.90015120.250Dave's Reef Snapper, Muloway, turns.The fishing net
3346.73015120.372AGD84 2 Bouys Snapper, Kingfish, Bonito,The fishing net
3351.80215120.462ThomasThe fishing net
3343.09015120.570WGS84 Snapper, Shark, Nannygai,The fishing net
3333.20015120.600TreasurerThe fishing net
3338.43315120.600The fishing net
3343.10015120.600WGS84 Boat Reef Mulloway, Snapper, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3334.79315120.657Queen, Reef Species, Snapper,The fishing net
3334.80015120.666The fishing net
3334.81615120.670The fishing net
3334.83815120.694Barrenjoey 20m OlupinaThe fishing net
3334.84015120.700Water depth 20-26m. Sand and reefThe fishing net
3334.70115120.711Valiant Wreck Sandy bund. Pelagics og revThe fishing net
3340.51015120.711WGS84 Bungan Wide Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3334.71315120.725Kingfish, Snapper.The fishing net
3334.71015120.730AUS66 Deverika, Kingfish. Deep watersThe fishing net
3350.74015120.740The fishing net
3335.56015120.750WGS84 Trawls Reef Snapper, Trevally, Morwong,The fishing net
3335.59015120.760The fishing net
3336.59315120.760The fishing net
3343.04015120.780The fishing net
3340.52715120.821Close to Snapper SnapperThe fishing net
3348.09515120.832AGD84 3 Bouys Snapper, Kingfish, Bonito,The fishing net
3334.72915120.849The fishing net
3351.10015120.900Kookaburra Wreck Nannygai, Yellowtail.The fishing net
3343.08615120.943WGS84 Wreck with long reef. Water depth 42m.The fishing net
3336.22215120.977The fishing net
3347.44915120.987AGD84 3 Bouys North Snapper, Kingfish, Bonito,The fishing net
3333.00015121.000Hans Spot Mulloway. The bottom of the handle.The fishing net
3339.50015121.000Reddie Run Snapper. Gravel base.The fishing net
3343.00015121.000Olupina NarrabeenThe fishing net
3346.59015121.000Dee Why Wide Marlin, Shark, Pelagic, SnapperThe fishing net
3336.18415121.014WGS84 Mixed rev.The fishing net
3336.02615121.025WGS84 reef types. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3346.93015121.025Foul Grounds Snapper Leather Jacket,The fishing net
3335.97115121.029WGS84 Kingfish Palm Beach, deverika, Morwong.The fishing net
3335.95115121.091Mulloway, gulhalekongefisk,The fishing net
3339.02015121.100Greenhouse Shark, Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3335.61815121.182WGS84 Kingfish, rev-art.The fishing net
3346.24015121.300Dee Why Headland Snapper, Jew, Morwong, FlatheadThe fishing net
3338.65615121.330Reggies Snapper II SnapperThe fishing net
3348.05015121.340Bluefish Yellowtail Kingfish, Snapper,The fishing net
3336.80015121.350Beach with whalesThe fishing net
3338.12015121.400The fishing net
3343.68015121.400The fishing net
3338.12015121.400Narrow channel (ridge fishing 34m)BCF
3343.67815121.409Long Reef Blue Building Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3343.06815121.410The fishing net
3343.68015121.410lang revfanger, fladhoved, mulloway,The fishing net
3337.96715121.500The fishing net
3337.95415121.682WGS84 Reggies Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3345.14715121.707The fishing net
3334.89215121.741BadThe fishing net
3338.50115121.752Reggies Snapper SnapperThe fishing net
3348.15015121.780lockThe fishing net
3338.24115121.786The fishing net
3340.32015121.850Bungan Head Water depth 50m.The fishing net
3338.25615121.948Snapper, Morwong.The fishing net
3344.51015121.980Good property owner, Mulloway.The fishing net
3336.06015122.026The fishing net
3347.49015122.040Murphy'sThe fishing net
3338.02715122.040The fishing net
3333.27315122.054Snapper, Morwong, Trevally,The fishing net
3337.48415122.097The fishing net
3347.60015122.100Morwong, Trevally, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3344.55015122.100Marlin, Morski pas, Kingfish,The fishing net
3336.63215122.106Snapper, Morwong.The fishing net
3332.22115122.114West Reef Snapper, Tailor, Deverika.The fishing net
3336.39615122.145WGS84 Snapper. en type rev. Engine rotationThe fishing net
3333.25015122.170Snapper West Reef, Trevally, vrsta grebena.The fishing net
3333.43615122.190Type WGS84 Rev.The fishing net
3333.44015122.190The fishing net
3345.56015122.220The fishing net
3336.64915122.229The fishing net
3336.67715122.233The fishing net
3347.00715122.250The fishing net
3336.60015122.255Snapper, Flathead, Reef riba.The fishing net
3336.60015122.260The fishing net
3333.20015122.300The fishing net
3336.80015122.300Falena Beach 42m Bodenio 42m.The fishing net
3333.28915122.344Zapadni greben SThe fishing net
3332.49215122.386Zapadni greben NThe fishing net
3336.47115122.399WGS84 Boltons Reef Bonito. Snapper, Morwong,The fishing net
3338.27015122.400Olupina parka Birchgrove - Nannygai, Snapper,The fishing net
3347.07015122.480ToolboxThe fishing net
3347.00015122.550Tun, Marlin, Sea Belt, MullowayThe fishing net
3344.55015122.550Flounder, snapper, yellowfin tuna,The fishing net
3346.91015122.600TripodThe fishing net
3345.71015122.680Collaroy bredThe fishing net
3347.53015122.70060M lockThe fishing net
3332.70015123.200Midway Reef Hawkesbury ulaz.The fishing net
3339.27015123.400Maco morski pas, Kingfish.The fishing net
3332.12615123.743East Reef af Maitland BayThe fishing net
3332.24015123.760Maitland Bay BomboraThe fishing net
3333.00015123.800The fishing net
3332.90015123.833The fishing net
3334.00015123.840Bottles north of Box Head. snapper,The fishing net
3332.90015123.880The fishing net
3332.85015123.900Zapadni greben (Blue Groper and Wrasse)BCF
3332.90015123.910Snapper East Reef, Morwong, Trevally,The fishing net
3332.92015123.990WGS84 Bonamida, Tailor. Water depthThe fishing net
3333.56015124.030The fishing net
3333.65015124.060East Reef North Snapper, Morwong, Trevally,The fishing net
3332.80915124.094WGS84 East Reef Close Snapper, Yellowtail Kingfish,The fishing net
3333.09115124.111The fishing net
3346.00015124.140Let's solveThe fishing net
3346.55015124.140Two Lights Reef Bouquet. Dubina vode 80m.The fishing net
3333.19715124.373Fractured sinusThe fishing net
3333.08015124.380Wide eastern reefThe fishing net
3333.10015124.420Peaks at 30 m.The fishing net
3332.29015124.420The fishing net
3332.29215124.427Broken Bay OffshoreThe fishing net
3332.29015124.430The fishing net
3346.14015124.560WGS84 Waverider BouyThe fishing net
3339.64015124.604Emeralda nearbyThe fishing net
3332.12115124.890WGS84 Snapper Snapper. Water depth 50 degrees.The fishing net
3332.40015124.90030-36M ComThe fishing net
3346.38015124.970Mahni RydaThe fishing net
3336.02815125.030WGS84 Snapper, Morwong, Tevally,The fishing net
3332.11715125.043Big, redThe fishing net
3331.42015125.070Broken Bay Wide ReefThe fishing net
3339.67015125.180Snapper, Morwong, Teraglin,The fishing net
3339.70015125.193WGS84 Pelagic species and reefs.The fishing net
3339.70215125.201The fishing net
3339.45115125.234WGS84 Snapper, rotary typeThe fishing net
3336.28015125.300Broken Bay Wide (revfiskeri)BCF
3317.00015125.400Nora HeadThe fishing net
3339.52815125.643Esmeralda Reef Snapper, Morwong, Trevally,The fishing net
3331.96215125.690Nord for Broken Bay.The fishing net
3331.89115125.726HalfwayThe fishing net
3339.76515125.958Esmeralda Wide Shark, Marlin, Snapper,The fishing net
3347.50015126.000Long-billed Kingfisher, Yellow-tailed Kingfisher,The fishing net
3335.10015126.000WGS84 Flat head ar. Sand and gravel bottom.The fishing net
3347.50015126.000The fishing net
3320.44115126.207WGS84 Roberts SpotThe fishing net
3333.10015126.400The fishing net
3351.76415126.689BH_9M Morwong, Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3334.16415126.744Flathead Grounds Flathead.The fishing net
3334.16415126.774WGS84 Flathead Grounds Broken head. Ravnoglavats.The fishing net
3317.90915127.837Orimbah Creek Tuggerah Lake. deverica.The fishing net
3333.06915128.069The fishing net
3325.79015129.140Forresters Beach Tank Mulloway, Snapper, Kingfish.The fishing net
3326.14015129.140Crackneck Morwong, Reddies.The fishing net
3324.09015129.293WGS84 Humfreys Toowoon Bay. Snapper, Mulloway,The fishing net
3326.50015130.030WGS84 2.5N/M East Teraglin. Departure 37 - 40m.The fishing net
3325.88715130.038WGS84 Wamberal 3b Wamberal Beach.The fishing net
3326.26415130.116Leon Terrigal. Snapper, Trevally,The fishing net
3324.16015130.380Rons Spot Snapper, Mulloway, Bonito, ReefThe fishing net
3334.78015130.430Broken bat inner reefThe fishing net
3335.00515131.081WGS84 dolphin fish.The fishing net
3336.01815131.450WGS84The fishing net
3336.01015131.490Castle Delfinisk.The fishing net
3334.59515131.499The fishing net
3336.01815131.499WGS84 Broken Bay Traps Pelagics.The fishing net
3335.16215131.504Broken Bay Wide SW DropoffThe fishing net
3324.22115131.596Foggy's Mulloway. Water depth 24m.The fishing net
3335.01815131.633Broken Bay Wide MainThe fishing net
3338.83515131.769Daniels Mark Snapper, Mulloway, Shark,The fishing net
3334.85515131.773Brok.Bay Wide Fishtrap Snapper, Morwong, Trevally,The fishing net
3335.05015131.810Broken Bay Wide Marlin, Shark, Kingfish, ReefThe fishing net
3335.16215131.810WGS84 Broken Bay Wide E Dropoff. Snapper, Morwong,The fishing net
3335.05015131.810The fishing net
3309.56015131.820WGS84 Wyee Bay Lake Macquarie.The fishing net
3324.63915131.878WGS84 Misty l Forresters Beach. snapper,The fishing net
3331.87915131.879The fishing net
3324.64515131.880Type WGS84 Rev.The fishing net
3330.00515132.020The fishing net
3329.02615132.020The fishing net
3330.00515132.030The fishing net
3329.16215132.100The fishing net
3333.38015132.120WGS84 Snapper, Morwong, Sweep.The fishing net
3329.16215132.151WGS84 Ridge bund.The fishing net
3334.73715132.178NE Broken Bay Dolphinfish, Τόνος, Kingfish.The fishing net
3329.25015132.200The fishing net
3330.05015132.300The fishing net
3321.65015132.320Tuggerah Reef breaks with a south-easterly swell.The fishing net
3323.79015132.630WGS84 Foggy's Cave Mulloway.The fishing net
3328.52315132.957WGS84 Terrigal Wide Snapper, Morwong, Sweep.The fishing net
3328.41015133.000WGS84 Avoca Wide Snapper, swivel type.The fishing net
3334.44215136.101WGS84 Old FAD tun, dolphin.The fishing net
3313.92015136.280Fugleø EastThe fishing net
3302.13515136.869WGS84 Lake Macquarie Aqueduct. the sea bream.The fishing net
3311.04515137.050Wybung Snapper, Morwong, Trevally.The fishing net
3303.82015137.160Greben Macquaries (greben)BCF
3311.95015137.500Wybung headThe fishing net
3317.12215137.578WGS84 lst Traps Snapper, Morwong, Mulloway,The fishing net
3303.84015137.610Lake Macquarie tire reefThe fishing net
3300.64015137.770Valentine RampThe fishing net
3309.90015138.200Catherine Hill Bay Landmark kullæsserThe fishing net
3305.08215138.456WGS84 Swansea Channel Bream, mullet. Water depth 14m.The fishing net
3322.70315138.745Kingfish, Morwong, Snapper.The fishing net
3309.13015139.300Red's (CBH) Catherine Hill Bay. Snapper,The fishing net
3307.35015139.370Mawson's BreakwaterThe fishing net
3322.68115139.428Drum Ground Snapper, Kingfish, Teraglin.The fishing net
3304.91015139.587Bait Kovac Bait fish, bream, flathead.The fishing net
3306.72015139.700Caves BeachThe fishing net
3305.06015140.350Island of the Moon (reverse)BCF
3305.05615140.353Moon Island NW riba reef.The fishing net
3305.60015140.460The fishing net
3310.32015142.130Wreck of Catherine Hill Bay. 48 m bait.The fishing net
3310.83615142.197Advanced debrisThe fishing net
3310.84015142.200Vrag (Advance Wreck)BCF
3304.54115142.914Flathead Swansea Heads. Ligehovedet.The fishing net
3307.55015143.080Northeast farmThe fishing net
3302.08615143.308Surf klub Gravel Off Redhead Surf klubThe fishing net
3302.13015143.340Redhead broad near redheadThe fishing net
3305.57215143.380Swansea Grave1The fishing net
3305.53015143.450Wreck of the island of the MoonThe fishing net
3302.12415143.590Redhead VrhThe fishing net
3301.07015144.200RitzokosThe fishing net
3300.50015144.850Jewhole Nær RedheadThe fishing net
3310.96015145.360Shark fin backThe fishing net
3321.02015145.960The fishing net
3324.11015145.980Texas Reef Snapper, Morwong.The fishing net
3317.22015146.440Faulkins just south of the Pro GroundsThe fishing net
3309.01915146.922Inner courtyardThe fishing net
3304.85015147.130Pot hole. Water depth 45m.The fishing net
3315.71015148.560Pro GroundsThe fishing net
3309.04015149.100WGS84 Lower Farm Ridge. Water depth 30m.The fishing net
3309.04315149.101Farm number 1The fishing net
3309.03815149.128Farm number 3The fishing net
3309.06515149.153Farm number 4The fishing net
3311.38515149.327Pharmaceutical CHB 3The fishing net
3310.55915149.383Farm number 2The fishing net
3310.66515149.519Pharma CHBThe fishing net
3310.69515149.519Pharmaceutical CHB 2The fishing net
3344.49015149.890The fishing net
3346.96015157.470WGS84 Bobs Spot Morwong, Snapper.The fishing net
3339.56015201.650Tun hulThe fishing net
3305.50715204.570Bred BirrusThe fishing net
3321.76015207.700Kanjoni NorahThe fishing net
3322.02515207.923The fishing net
3322.12815207.923The fishing net
3321.93315207.931The fishing net
3322.20015208.107The fishing net
3321.70715208.134Norah Canyons StThe fishing net
3321.95815208.148The fishing net
3321.99315208.265The fishing net
3324.50015210.100The fishing net
3318.04015212.310Kanjoni Norah 2The fishing net
3319.20015213.000The fishing net
3314.40015215.000Norah Canyons NThe fishing net
3315.60015217.200The fishing net
3317.10015219.000Norah Canyons MiddleThe fishing net
3313.77015236.000Snapper, delfin.The fishing net
3300.30015308.000The fishing net
3405.43014423.600Oyster Bed Snapper. Gravel down withThe fishing net
3453.56715046.285AUS66 Crookhaven Entrance Navigation sign in frontThe fishing net
3455.67315047.047Culburra BomboraThe fishing net
3454.46515048.123WGS84 Burketts Reef Snapper, Morwong, Kingfish.The fishing net
3453.20015048.400The fishing net
3453.37815048.4613 Mile Reef Snapper, Morwong.The fishing net
3457.10015048.480AccountsThe fishing net
3458.38315048.627Shorne Mark WreckThe fishing net
3453.30015048.630The first ridgeThe fishing net
3457.10015048.700BurkettsThe fishing net
3453.33915048.814Nowra Bok11The fishing net
3447.58815048.850Gerroa Big BomboraThe fishing net
3453.02915049.101WGS84 Nowra Hill Snapper, Morwong, Kingfish.The fishing net
3447.09115049.112Gerroa Sml BomboraThe fishing net
3453.24615049.296Morwong, Snapper, Trevally.The fishing net
3456.94015049.382Burkett's interiorThe fishing net
3453.60015049.600Middle groundThe fishing net
3459.56015050.050Eastern ridgeThe fishing net
3459.51715050.089Currarong BomboraThe fishing net
3459.18515050.110Currarong BommieThe fishing net
3459.30015051.760BankerThe fishing net
3447.57015052.450WGS84 4 Mile Reef Snapper, Reef art. VanddybdeThe fishing net
3458.10015052.650Banks WestThe fishing net
3434.65315052.720Shellharbour Safe outbound navigation from port.The fishing net
3458.65315052.881The shallowThe fishing net
3457.73015053.870Rods redThe fishing net
3458.53415053.889Sth Wst Banks ShallowsThe fishing net
3441.83015054.090Illawarra Mark Snapper, Morwong, Nannygai.The fishing net
3458.30015054.100Banks SouthThe fishing net
3456.32015054.140KulburraThe fishing net
3425.30015054.300WGS84 12 Mile Reef Snapper, Cod, Blackfish.The fishing net
3450.57315054.340Land of shipmentThe fishing net
3456.25415054.341TrinThe fishing net
3457.26415054.693Jimmie's Hump Snapper, Morwong. Not the catches.The fishing net
3450.17815054.781NOT a missionary homeThe fishing net
3452.10015054.800Berry's Step Snapper. Grusbund.The fishing net
3452.90015054.800CemeteryThe fishing net
3456.40015054.920MudderThe fishing net
3458.95815055.187Cash outThe fishing net
3435.31715055.327Bass Point Flathead, morski pas.The fishing net
3456.47015055.380bankerThe fishing net
3435.14115055.491Bass Point Snapper, Trevally.The fishing net
3456.95015055.660Kingfish, Marlin, Morski pas,The fishing net
3456.94515055.664WGS84 Snapper, Marlin.The fishing net
3450.16815055.797Mission House ReefThe fishing net
3454.49815055.797Inside the reefThe fishing net
3426.43515056.144WGS84 indicates site 2 Morwong, Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3426.28615056.266WGS84 Marks Spot l Flathead. Dubina vode 12 - 15m.The fishing net
3456.64015056.410Nord "" "" ""The fishing net
3456.54015056.410Banker North Tuna, Marlin, Kingfish, BundThe fishing net
3456.64015056.410Banker NordThe fishing net
3457.12015056.440Banks East Tuna, Marlin, Kingfish, BundThe fishing net
3457.12015056.460Banks EastThe fishing net
3426.15615056.497Flagstaff Point Snapper, winter and spring.The fishing net
3441.98015057.1476 Mile Reef udenfor Hussars, Snapper, Morwong, ReefThe fishing net
3423.07215057.787Snapper 2 Reefs and gravel. Snapper.The fishing net
3458.20015058.380WGS84 Block & Cheese Snapper, Morwong, Kingfish.The fishing net
3458.42015058.720The fishing net
3419.73015059.010Bulli Bandit Reef Snapper, Leather Jacket, ReefThe fishing net
3458.44215059.158The fishing net
3458.44015059.160blockThe fishing net
3426.19015059.170WGS84 Morwong, Gulhalekongefugl,The fishing net
3419.88615059.476AG66 Bulli wide flat head. Sandy bottom.The fishing net
3418.63315100.795WGS84 stands for Bump 20 Snapper. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3421.45715101.982Morwong, Snapper, Leather jacketThe fishing net
3420.15015102.030Bulli Sands water depth 40 - 50m. Sandy bottomThe fishing net
3418.04015102.050Greben. Snapper, Morwong, Sweep,The fishing net
3401.79315102.393Woronora River Flathead.The fishing net
3418.40015102.400Bandit Reef Snapper. Reefs and gravel.The fishing net
3418.21015102.443WGS84 Snapper, reef fish, pelagic.The fishing net
3428.77015103.730Trap Reef Dolphinfish, Marlin.The fishing net
3416.45015104.370WGS66 Snapper 4 Stanwell Park. Snapper.The fishing net
3413.85015104.370Pelagic humpback, baitfish, tuna.The fishing net
3413.85015104.400The fishing net
3414.41015104.410The fishing net
3410.83015104.430Bottom Wreck Beach Garie. Snapper, gulfinnetThe fishing net
3401.50415104.449Botany Bay Blue Morwong, Nannygai, Snapper.The fishing net
3413.85015104.460Close to land.The fishing net
3400,98515104.504Gary's placeThe fishing net
3413.78315104.600WGS84 Stanwell Park Snapper, reef fish, pelagic.The fishing net
3412.53015104.660Burning Palms Morwong, Flathead, Leather jacket.The fishing net
3457.86015105.170Berry On Steps Water depth 100 fathomsThe fishing net
3410.51015105.330SS Undola Wreck Garie Beach. Snapper, Kingfish,The fishing net
3410.83015105.610The wreck of the UndolThe fishing net
3410.89015105.610The wreck of the UndolThe fishing net
3410.59615106.876The long beach in GarieThe fishing net
3410.60015106.880The long beach in GarieBCF
3407.16015108.070Port violationThe fishing net
3350.51515108.750Gladesville Bridge, Parramatta River. Mulloway.The fishing net
3408.21015109.020Marley Wreck Snapper, Nanygai. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3408.33015109.050WGS84 Hacking Wreck Bait Grounds. Snapper, Skuša,The fishing net
3408.29015109.060Tuggerah Wreck Pelagic. Kingfish, Snapper.The fishing net
3407.05515109.988WGS84 Flat sand bottom. Water depth 35m.The fishing net
3447.33015110.280Marlin, Trevally, Tun.The fishing net
3448.34015110.350Marlin, yellowfin tuna, gem.The fishing net
3447.59015110.590WGS84 Kanjon Kiama N/E Zima - Gemfish, Blueye TrevallaThe fishing net
3447.90015110.760Blue Eye Cod GndThe fishing net
3403.58015110.770WGS84 Tailor, Redfish, Kingfish.The fishing net
3404.11815110.803WGS84 Flat sand bottom. Water depth 24m.The fishing net
3403.63415111.197AUS98 Kingfish, Trevally, Deverika,The fishing net
3403.59215111.211WGS84 Ridge base. Water depth 10m.The fishing net
3403.53015111.280Osbourne Shoal Water Depth 13 m Bottom of the reef.The fishing net
3400.08015111.300Sand & reef/rock bottom.The fishing net
3400.08315111.303Bream, Jew, flat head.The fishing net
3358.37615111.784WGS84 Third Runway Snapper, Deverika, Flathead, TailorThe fishing net
3403.82815111.890Cronulla Offshore FlatheadThe fishing net
3402.75615112.436WGS66 Botany Cove Snapper, Trevally, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3400.24315112.566WGS84 Warm water Sandy bottom. Water depth 3m.The fishing net
3402.99015112.570WGS84 Cronulla skibshavn. Snapper, Morwong,The fishing net
3404.50015112.600WGS84 Boomerang Reef Grebenska riba, Snapper, Mulloway,The fishing net
3400.02315113.021WGS84 Watts Reef Reef bund. Vanddybde 5μ.The fishing net
3400.02615113.823WGS84 Jew Nose Botany Bay. pljosnata glava,The fishing net
3359.77115113.833WGS84 Botanical Bay Goli Island Bommie. Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3401.76815113.861WGS84 Last Trench Water depth 32 m Reef bottom.The fishing net
3400.62015114.060AGD66 9F Peak Yellowtail Kingfish, narednikThe fishing net
3400.25715114.265Botany Bay HeadsThe fishing net
3402.45615115.297Botany Heads Broad pelagic species.The fishing net
3358.13015115.430MV Mallabar Indian. Mulloway, Tiger,The fishing net
3431.50415116.000Canyon Kiama Plavooka Trevalla, tuna, gem,The fishing net
3407.00015116.060Tancred agnfisk, pelagičari.The fishing net
3355.54415116.082Wedding Cake Island Yellowtail Kingfish, agnfisk.The fishing net
3350.32015116.180Sows and pigs Rheophora, bream, kingfisher,The fishing net
3356.07015116.440WGS84 Trag Grounds Mulloway, Snapper, Trevally.The fishing net
3350.79015117.200Bremi, perch, old woman.The fishing net
3350.21515117.238South Head Wreck Flathead, Snapper, Deverika,The fishing net
3352.00015117.360WGS84 Olupina Annie Millar - Nannygai, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3350.32015117.410The fishing net
3405.66615117.627WGS84 Jibbon Wide Reef and gravel. WaterThe fishing net
3357.66015117.660Snapper. The bottom of the reef.The fishing net
3347.57515117.725Queenscliff GrabenThe fishing net
3357.61015117.780WGS84 Tank lkm fra Coogee Beecha. Tergalin,The fishing net
3352.12015117.870AUS66 Kingfish, Mulloway, Trevally.The fishing net
3350.00015118.000Sydney Heads Snapper, Sweep, Flathead,The fishing net
3351.00015118.000head of SydneyThe fishing net
3347.15115118.631RedThe fishing net
3357.98415118.735WGS84 Party Boat Reef bund. Vanddybde 80μ.The fishing net
3350.48015119.220Obelisk tuna, marlin, shark, sea bream,The fishing net
3349.93015119.290He shakes his headThe fishing net
3346.59015119.400Old Dee Why Snapper, Bream, Shark.The fishing net
3346.11115119.407WGS84 Iggy's Spot Snapper, Morwong. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3346.11015119.410WGS66 Grants Snapper Snapper. Dubina vode 50μ.The fishing net
3349.60015119.450Boje Kingfish, Snapper, Sweep,The fishing net
3344.37015119.600AUS66 Long Reef Wall Rock and boulders rise on the shelf.The fishing net
3344.40915119.677AUS84 Snapper Long Reef Close, Kingfish.The fishing net
3350.78015119.910The Leads Snapper, Vrsta grebena.The fishing net
3353.73515120.053WGS84 Pines #2 Snapper, Morwong, Trevally.The fishing net
3346.73015120.372AGD84 2 Bouys Snapper, Kingfish, Bonito,The fishing net
3351.80215120.462ThomasThe fishing net
3343.09015120.570WGS84 Snapper, Shark, Nannygai,The fishing net
3343.10015120.600WGS84 Boat Reef Mulloway, Snapper, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3350.74015120.740The fishing net
3358.16915120.775WGS84 Southeast ridge Base of ridge. Water depth 64m.The fishing net
3343.04015120.780The fishing net
3348.09515120.832AGD84 3 Bouys Snapper, Kingfish, Bonito,The fishing net
3351.10015120.900Kookaburra Wreck Nannygai, Yellowtail.The fishing net
3354.60015120.900WGS84 HMAS Encounter Wreck - Snapper, Nannygai.The fishing net
3431.10015120.900Kookaburra Wreck - Nannygai, Yellowtail,The fishing net
3343.08615120.943WGS84 Wreck with long reef. Water depth 42m.The fishing net
3347.44915120.987AGD84 3 Bouys North Snapper, Kingfish, Bonito,The fishing net
3443.00015121.000The Wreck Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally.The fishing net
3343.00015121.000Olupina NarrabeenThe fishing net
3346.59015121.000Dee Why Wide Marlin, Shark, Pelagic, SnapperThe fishing net
3346.93015121.025Foul Grounds Snapper Leather Jacket,The fishing net
3346.24015121.300Dee Why Headland Snapper, Jew, Morwong, FlatheadThe fishing net
3348.05015121.340Bluefish Yellowtail Kingfish, Snapper,The fishing net
3358.70015121.370Waynes spots the Sydney Heads. Morwong.The fishing net
3343.68015121.400The fishing net
3343.67815121.409Long Reef Blue Building Snapper, Mulloway.The fishing net
3343.06815121.410The fishing net
3343.68015121.410lang revfanger, fladhoved, mulloway,The fishing net
3458.70015121.453Snapper Southpeak. Ikke grebena.The fishing net
3358.80015121.500WGS84 Ridge base. Water depth 65m.The fishing net
3358.70015121.570Vrh 59 mThe fishing net
3358.54015121.570Water depth 65 - 100m.The fishing net
3356.76015121.650Big Steve's Spot Yellowtail Kingfish, Trevally,The fishing net
3358.76015121.650WGS84 The Peak Tuna, Marlin, Shark, Pelagic,The fishing net
3358.58215121.703Peak No.l Kingfish, Snapper, Mulloway,The fishing net
3345.14715121.707The fishing net
3348.15015121.780lockThe fishing net
3358.58015121.780WGS84 Maroubra Peak Drop Off. Snapper, Morwong,The fishing net
3344.51015121.980Good property owner, Mulloway.The fishing net
3347.49015122.040Murphy'sThe fishing net
3347.60015122.100Morwong, Trevally, Yellowtai1The fishing net
3344.55015122.100Marlin, Morski pas, Kingfish,The fishing net
3454.63915122.161WGS84 12 Mile Reef Kingfish, Snapper, Morski pas,The fishing net
3345.56015122.220The fishing net
3408.37015122.230Fin Mark Albacore, yellowfin tuna,The fishing net
3347.00715122.250The fishing net
3347.07015122.480ToolboxThe fishing net
3347.00015122.550Tun, Marlin, Sea Belt, MullowayThe fishing net
3344.55015122.550Flounder, snapper, yellowfin tuna,The fishing net
3346.91015122.600TripodThe fishing net
3358.75015122.610Not the catches.The fishing net
3345.71015122.680Collaroy bredThe fishing net
3347.53015122.70060M lockThe fishing net
3358.60815123.013WGS84 Fishing reef bottom traps. Water depth 120m.The fishing net
3346.00015124.140Let's solveThe fishing net
3346.55015124.140Two Lights Reef Bouquet. Dubina vode 80m.The fishing net
3346.14015124.560WGS84 Waverider BouyThe fishing net
3355.36015124.760Big, redThe fishing net
3346.38015124.970Mahni RydaThe fishing net
3401.55015125.610Mountains Reef Marlin, gulfinnet tun.The fishing net
3347.50015126.000Long-billed Kingfisher, Yellow-tailed Kingfisher,The fishing net
3347.50015126.000The fishing net
3351.76415126.689BH_9M Morwong, Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3358.20015127.530Grave Snapper, Pigfish, Morwong,The fishing net
3355.51015128.340The fishing net
3356.40015128.410WGS84 Ridge bund.The fishing net
3355.66015128.510WGS84 12 Mile Reef Tun, Marlin, Shark, Pelagic,The fishing net
3355.30015128.550Rev Kingfish, Aborre, Trevally.The fishing net
3355.51015128.650Reef fish. Rocky bottom.The fishing net
3432.11215134.345Marley Wreck Off Hacking luke. dadilja,The fishing net
3400.00015136.000Junkyards (several wrecks within 500m)BCF
3403.05315137.502WGS84 Fishing Trap Water Depth 300 degrees.The fishing net
3401.54115138.803Groper, Hapuka, Yellowfin, MakoThe fishing net
3402.06115139.227WGS84 Water depth 220 fathoms.The fishing net
3402.13015139.400WGS84The fishing net
3402.04015139.500WGS80 Browns Mountain Marlin, tun, haj, revfisk.The fishing net
3402.20015139.500WGS84The fishing net
3402.13015139.500The fishing net
3402.04015139.500The fishing net
3402.20615139.533The fishing net
3355.32515147.967Nobby's Head ReefThe fishing net
3344.49015149.890The fishing net
3357.90015154.460WGS84 FAD riba dupin.The fishing net
3346.96015157.470WGS84 Bobs Spot Morwong, Snapper.The fishing net
3546.01814800.735Rogers StThe fishing net
3516.16015000.400JB Canyon SEThe fishing net
3516.60015000.400JB Canyon SWThe fishing net
3546.55015014.450AUS66 Chimney, Snapper, Kingfish, RockThe fishing net
3545.53715015.400Greben Tennant 600m SW Tollgate Island.The fishing net
3545.09715015.496Tollgate Island (unknown)BCF
3547.89215017.138Redfin Reef Morwong, Snapper, Papagaj,The fishing net
3548.01915017.170Redfin Reef #2 Morwong, Snapper, Papagaj,The fishing net
3551.60015023.150Charter Boat Reef 2 Reef Ground. DubokoThe fishing net
3504.20015026.250BB Canyon ΒΔThe fishing net
3521.34015028.750Ulladulla Harbor (navigation point)BCF
3521.33515028.753Waypoint Ulladulla HarbourThe fishing net
3529.14015029.140Snapper Grounds (Snapper)BCF
3529.14215029.142Snapper Grounds SnapperThe fishing net
3521.05715029.300WGS84 Peak Kingfish.The fishing net
3504.20015029.400BB Canyon ΒΑThe fishing net
3524.37015030.900Canberra Avenue (popular local spot)BCF
3524.36515030.904Canberra Avenue Popular local spotThe fishing net
3522.68015032.240Ulandula fallsBCF
3522.67915032.243Ulladulla Traps Yellowtail Kingfish, vrsta grebenaThe fishing net
3514.78515032.386Red Point Reef Morwong, Nannygai, Leather jacket.The fishing net
3554.95015032.775Kanjon MoruyaThe fishing net
3554.95015032.780Kanjon MoruyaThe fishing net
3555.75015033.200Distance MoruyaThe fishing net
3554.95015035.640Kanjon MoruyaThe fishing net
3514.16015036.020Brooks Reef Sussex Inlet. Snapper, ΓκρέμπενThe fishing net
3513.39015036.260Sussex Mediterranean inlet. Ravnoglavats.The fishing net
3502.21315040.402Huskisson GroundThe fishing net
3502.21315040.420Huskisson GroundsThe fishing net
3506.09015046.193MediumThe fishing net
3503.92415050.459WGS84 Flat Rock Morwong, Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3505.92015050.880Waypoint 20 Reef fish, 100m deep.The fishing net
3523.32015051.010Drum DrumThe fishing net
3513.00015051.600JB Canyon NWThe fishing net
3545.00015055.400Tollgate IslandThe fishing net
3515.62015056.400Kanjon St. George SThe fishing net
3513.65015057.800Kanjon St George NThe fishing net
3558.22015058.710Block & Cheese Snapper, Kingfish, Tun, Marlin.The fishing net
3515.60015100.200Kanjon St. George SThe fishing net
3510.65015100.600Jervis N Bay CanyonThe fishing net
3508.40015100.710Drumstick Canyon Snapper.The fishing net
3513.65015100.800Kanjon St George NThe fishing net
3512.62015102.000Jervis Bay Kan. Mid Tuna, Marlin.The fishing net
3508.15015102.250Jervis Bay Canyon N Tuna, Marlin.The fishing net
3511.20015103.450Jervis Bay Kan. The waistThe fishing net
3500.90015103.710Banks Mark Water Depth 100 fathomsThe fishing net
3502.32015104.460Drum Drumstick Snapper, Morwong, Trevally,The fishing net
3501.58015105.150Kill KiamosThe fishing net
3551.61015126.150Red Reef Snapper, Trevally.The fishing net
3512.20015159.050Jervis Bay Kan. StThe fishing net
3513.00015200.600JB Canyon NEThe fishing net
3525.57015234.380Olupina SS Catterthun - Dubina 57 m, Jewfish,The fishing net
3606.40314456.523Red Bahma, carp.The fishing net
3600.57914557.687Yarrawonga Deep Hole.The fishing net
3606.10015009.000WGS84 Potatoe Point Reef Snapper, Morwong, Morski pas,The fishing net
3609.10015025.000BB Canyon SWThe fishing net
3609.10015029.350The fishing net
3656.41014956.520Hunter Rocks. Meribula. (Snapper)BCF
3656.39014957.030Hunter Rocks. Meribula. (Snapper)BCF
3644.40814959.094WGS84 Kianna's entranceThe fishing net
3643.40014959.600Tathra Head Navigation point at the entranceThe fishing net
3625.00015000.8004 Mile Reef SydThe fishing net
3640.17015001.030WGS84 Snapper, revfisk.The fishing net
3638.93615001.060WGS84 Blither Inlet Flathead, Snapper. True and brokenThe fishing net
3618.50015001.700Waypoint Mount DromedaryThe fishing net
3641.99315002.299WGS84 Flathead Nelson Beach. Ligehovedet.The fishing net
3629.40015003.200Navigation point for entering Cuttagee LakeThe fishing net
3634.90015003.700Waypoint Bunga HeadThe fishing net
3634.80015004.000WGS84 Pro Reef Southern Striped Trumpet, Catcher.The fishing net
3625.49115004.380Bermagui harbor navigation point on the rampThe fishing net
3625.24415004.442Bar Bermagui Navigation point outside the barThe fishing net
3633.41315004.473WGS84 Goalen Head Flathead.The fishing net
3633.34315004.545WGS84 Goalen Head PointThe fishing net
3625.40015004.600Light at the port entranceThe fishing net
3628.00015004.600Bottom fishing south of Berm.The fishing net
3625.80015005.000Cape Navigation BeaconThe fishing net
3650.14515005.410WGS84 Bournd RidgeThe fishing net
3625.33615005.411Navigation Point Bermagui DepartThe fishing net
3622.45015005.450Camel Rock (flat and reef fish)BCF
3622.45015005.454Camel Rock Flathead και grebenska riba.The fishing net
3629.90415005.6363 Brothers Navigation Point - Revfisk.The fishing net
3629.90015005.6403 brothers (navigation point - reef fish)BCF
3633.88515005.805WGS84 Wide Reef Goalen Head. Morwong, Snapper,The fishing net
3632.39015006.058Goelen Shelter north of Goelen Head, goodThe fishing net
3630.49015006.375Bermagui Hummer l Hummerrev. Yellowtai1The fishing net
3630.49015006.380Bermagui Lobster l (revhummer - Yellowtail King, Morwong, Snapper)BCF
3629.84715006.437Bermagui Lobster 2 Lobster Reef - Yellowtai1The fishing net
3629.85015006.440Bermagui lobster 2 (yellow tail)BCF
3621.26115006.651WGS84 Flathead Flathead. Dubina vode 27m.The fishing net
3620.83215007.19530m Deep Graveyard - Flathead.The fishing net
3620.83015007.200Cemetery (Flathoved)BCF
3612.66015008.010Login to NaroomThe fishing net
3628.30015008.300Ridge 6 miles SWThe fishing net
3628.10015008.3006 Mile Reef SydThe fishing net
3624.00015008.4004 mile reef center (tuna, shark, morwong, snapper)BCF
3625.33015008.860Jubbs Pinnacle Ridge from 4 mi.The fishing net
3645.89015008.913WGS84 Gulfinnet Gulfinnet tun.The fishing net
3625.32015008.950Esprit Pinnacle Ridge 4 miles.The fishing net
3624.57315008.9854 miles revThe fishing net
3628.30015008.990Reef Reef 6 Mile (flathead, land)BCF
3628.29515008.992Snapper, Flathead, Morwong.The fishing net
3628.30015009.000Reef 6 miles SEThe fishing net
3622.40015009.0504 Mile Reef northThe fishing net
3645.08815009.141WGS84 Albacore 2 Albacore.The fishing net
3625.30015009.3506 Mile Reef NordThe fishing net
3625.00015009.8006 Mile Reef NWThe fishing net
3624.44015010.0006 Mile Reef Center (Tuna, Shark, Marlin)BCF
3630.14915010.1607 Mile Reef Reef teren, 105m dubineThe fishing net
3625.50015010.5006 Mile Reef NEThe fishing net
3648.81415011.765WGS84 Gulfinnet 3 gulfinnet tun.The fishing net
3617.10015012.400A terrible stoneThe fishing net
3616.40015012.800Aughinish Rock Rock FormationThe fishing net
3616.43815012.880Auginish Reef Kingfish, prugasta tun. NeroThe fishing net
3617.20015013.000Aughinish Rocks Sth Rock FormationThe fishing net
3616.07015013.090Montague South (navigationspunkt)BCF
3616.07315013.092Navigation Point Montague SouthThe fishing net
3642.81015013.170WGS84 Tathra Wide Reef. Striped Trumpet.The fishing net
3614.38015013.550Craig's place. (striped mackerel, mako shark)BCF
3614.37715013.554Craigs Spot Striped Mackerel, Maco Shark.The fishing net
3615.20015013.600Island light Navigation pointThe fishing net
3630.00015014.00012 Mile Reef WThe fishing net
3632.80015014.00012 Mile Reef SWThe fishing net
3627.00015014.20012 Mile Reef NWThe fishing net
3632.40015014.20012 Mile Reef SydThe fishing net
3614.43815014.274WGS84 Montague North NavigationspunktThe fishing net
3615.18115014.274Montague West Navigation PointThe fishing net
3641.58115014.295WGS84 Albacore l Albacore.The fishing net
3642.78415014.932WGS84 Gulfinnet Gulfinnet tun.The fishing net
3629.00015015.00012 mile reefThe fishing net
3630.00015015.00012 Mile Reef C Centra1The fishing net
3632.80015015.00012 Mile Reef SThe fishing net
3627.10015015.00012 Mile Reef NordThe fishing net
3629.24015015.00012 Mile Reef (tun, haj, marlin)BCF
3627.10015015.00012 Mile Reef North (Γρεμπέν)BCF
3630.61515015.75812 Mile Reef South Reef tlo - Pelagičari iThe fishing net
3630.62015015.760Southern reef (pelagic and demersal fish in calm waters)BCF
3627.00015016.00012 Mile Reef NEThe fishing net
3630.00015016.00012 Mile Reef EThe fishing net
3632.80015016.00012 Mile Reef SEThe fishing net
3627.00015016.00012 Mile Reef NE (mixed reef fish)BCF
3616.15015016.180Broken ridgeBCF
3634.90015017.400Bunga Head Shelf 100 fathoms east of Bunga HeadThe fishing net
3643.66015017.586WGS84 Yellowperaja l Yellowperajna tun.The fishing net
3645.55015017.694WGS84 Tathra Northern yellowfin tunaThe fishing net
3643.40015017.700Shelf mark 100 degrees eastThe fishing net
3645.55015017.710The fishing net
3625.80015018.200Bermagui water tank 100 fathoms eastThe fishing net
3621.71015018.440Tun YF Mode Yellow tun finThe fishing net
3618.05015019.000Albacore, game.The fishing net
3618.10015019.050The KinkThe fishing net
3618.48015019.100South end of Kinko'sBCF
3648.20015019.146Boat charter reef fieldThe fishing net
3648.20015019.150Chartered vessel (reef (wrecked vessel))BCF
3644.75215019.315WGS84 waypointThe fishing net
3618.12015019.450Kink Nth End Yellowfin tun, pelagic.The fishing net
3617.12015019.450North end of Kinko'sBCF
3619.20015019.500The fishing net
3649.40215019.705WGS84 Navigation point east.The fishing net
3614.20015020.000Green Patch Albacore.The fishing net
3618.00015020.000Kink Known area for tuna cubes.The fishing net
3648.98315020.072WGS84 Gulfinnet 2 gulfinnet tun.The fishing net
3617.20015020.100The fishing net
3654.27215020.285Vest WGS84 Navigationspunkt.The fishing net
3620.75015020.450Canyon BermyThe fishing net
3633.70215020.475Bunga Canyon West Waypoint WGS84The fishing net
3620.74015020.540Also YF YellowfinThe fishing net
3648.57015020.835Rossova 4The fishing net
3619.48015021.020Soon (gulfinnet tun)BCF
3650.61015021.395Rosoff 2The fishing net
3616.46015021.420Montague East Marlin, yellowfin tuna.The fishing net
3633.62015022.395Roshov 1The fishing net
3633.70215024.815WGS84 Bunga Canyon East datumThe fishing net
3644.80015025.000The fishing net
3649.34215025.135WGS84 Tathra Canyon Mid Navigation Point zapad.The fishing net
3644.75215025.265WGS84 waypointThe fishing net
3654.27215025.985WGS84 Navigation point east.The fishing net
3617.50015035.400Marlin Mark Marlin.The fishing net
3644.78115119.724Roshov 3The fishing net
3731.33014945.420Goodwin Sands 2 NavigationsmarkørThe fishing net
3731.48014945.430Goodwin Sands l NavigationsmærkeThe fishing net
3731.19014946.130Goodwin Sands 3 NavigationsmarkørThe fishing net
3732.23014946.240Leave John Bull NavigationsmarkeThe fishing net
3706.03014956.960Boyde's Tower (Snapper)BCF
3706.02614956.962Boyds Tower SnapperThe fishing net
3706.03014957.000Boyds Tower 2 SnapperThe fishing net
3711.21915001.990A saltwater Eden. Yellowfin tuna, skipjackThe fishing net
3709.40015023.000Twofold Bay CanyonThe fishing net
3717.10015023.300Green Cape CanyonThe fishing net
3709.40015027.500Twofold Bay CanyonThe fishing net
3717.10015029.500Green Cape CanyonThe fishing net
3759.77214445.573WGS84 David's Spot. Water depth 9m. SandyThe fishing net
3756.66914445.760WGS84 Werribe Whiting Whiting. Sand and weed bottom.The fishing net
3757.66914445.908White powder. Sand and weed bottom.The fishing net
3753.16014451.200WGS84 Mark l Snapper. Sand-/skalbundThe fishing net
3753.10114451.298The Stick Reef, Dubina 6 - 8μ. Altona.The fishing net
3753.00014451.480WGS84 Mark 2 Snapper. A ridge among ridges.The fishing net
3752.51814454.151WGS84 Williamstown Snapper, bjelouška, garfija,The fishing net
3752.63214455.512AUS66 Altona Altona bådrampe. Pishmolj,The fishing net
3750.90014455.700AGD66 station pier navigation.The fishing net
3751.70014457.500AGD66 StKilda Pier Navigation.The fishing net
3752.40014458.300AGD66 StKilda Marina Navigation.The fishing net
3754.30014458.600Navigation AGD66 Brighton Pier.The fishing net
3759.52014501.390WGS84 Ricketts Point Snapper, Flathead, Whiting.The fishing net
3759.86014501.690WGS84 Rahitis l Snapper, Rockling.The fishing net
3753.02814758.033Inbound navigation.The fishing net
3757.84014759.882WGS84 6 Mile Reef Snapper, Shark, Aborre, Gurnard.The fishing net
3731.33014945.420Goodwin Sands 2 NavigationsmarkørThe fishing net
3731.48014945.430Goodwin Sands l NavigationsmærkeThe fishing net
3731.19014946.130Goodwin Sands 3 NavigationsmarkørThe fishing net
3732.23014946.240Leave John Bull NavigationsmarkeThe fishing net
3801.39014108.620AGD66 Fish l River Glenelg. Mulloway, Brasen.The fishing net
3806.17014110.400AGD66 Garfish MacDonnell Bay. Garfiš, Cipal,The fishing net
3806.70014113.560AGD66 Orwell Snapper, Snook. Water depth 9m.The fishing net
3805.11014118.410AGD66 Deep Creek Riddock Bay. Snapper, Garfish.The fishing net
3806.14014120.030AGD66 Eight mile snapper, saltwater fish.The fishing net
3809.09014353.590WGS84 sea trout, salmon.The fishing net
3806.35014422.000Joe's Spot Snapper. The bottom of mud and sand.The fishing net
3809.72814422.747Harry'sThe fishing net
3808.50014423.880Spoil Ground Snapper.The fishing net
3817.62314425.226Blackrock Drain Pipe. Artificial reef.The fishing net
3805.57014427.050WGS84 9-foot whiting, flathead, hornfish,The fishing net
3806.19014427.560AUS84 Snapper Snapper, riba slon.The fishing net
3805.85014430.580WGS84 Point Wilson Whiting, Snapper, Garfish.The fishing net
3801.66014433.900Kirk's Point Boat Ramp Navigation.The fishing net
3801.80014435.490WGS84 Beacon Point Long Reef Snapper, Gummy Shark, Whiting.The fishing net
3801.83014435.650Way backThe fishing net
3818.17014437.260Outer Rip & Outer Rip labels for safetyThe fishing net
3817.32014438.170Inner Gap Draw approximately between the innerThe fishing net
3818.08014439.230Point NepeanThe fishing net
3817.40014440.220Sth Chnl loppina 1The fishing net
3817.53014440.220WGS84 Portsea 3 Kingfish. Stone bottom. WaterThe fishing net
3817.25014440.230Sth Chnl loppina 2The fishing net
3818.37014442.410Portsea Hole Snapper.The fishing net
3800.25014445.150Lazz12 Snapper, Garfish, Flathead.The fishing net
3820.20814445.398Sorrento Hvilling Sailing Club. Weeds and sandy bottom.The fishing net
3802.23214449.197Rye Boat Ramp Boat Ramp. straight head.The fishing net
3816.50014452.350WGS84 Mount Martha Channel Snapper, Whiting.The fishing net
3810.97014457.540Mark's Place Mornington. lamp, horn,The fishing net
3817.46714458.142Safety Beach WGS84 Siongs Mark. Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3817.33714458.192WGS84 MtMartha Artificial Reef. Snapper.The fishing net
3805.40014458.199WGS84 Glenns Spot Snapper. Dubina vode 20m.The fishing net
3802.49314458.942WGS84 Gaso Snapper Snapper. Muddy bottom. Water depthThe fishing net
3806.38014500.460AUS86 Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3806.38414500.464Car Reef Snapper. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3806.38014500.480WGS84 18 meter reef car. Snapper.The fishing net
3806.11614500.65319 meters Mark Snapper. Water depth 19m.The fishing net
3806.00414500.714WGS84 Plane Mark Snapper. Rocks and reefs.The fishing net
3811.45914500.843Mornington Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3812.44014501.180WGS84 Flat head.The fishing net
3812.44014501.560Mornington PierThe fishing net
3810.30114501.760Lay Snapper. Water depth 17m.The fishing net
3812.80014501.900AGD66 Navigation.The fishing net
3804.90014502.000Carrum Snapper Snapper. The bottom of the ridge. WaterThe fishing net
3804.80014502.096Snapper, Flathead. Water depthThe fishing net
3804.80014502.100WGS84 Carrum Outer Artificial Reef. Snapper. WaterThe fishing net
3828.45014502.150Davidov Mark Whiting, Gummy Shark.The fishing net
3804.63514502.160Artificial car lamp.The fishing net
3809.16014502.170Red roadThe fishing net
3808.08014502.210WGS84 Shellbank Snapper.The fishing net
3805.87014502.241WGS84 Graemes l Snapper in season. Water depthThe fishing net
3803.00014502.300Flat head MFH. Water depth 10m.The fishing net
3810.10014502.500WGS84 Mark Snapper Hospital. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3806.19014502.530Seaford Outer Reef. Snapper. Water depth 16m.The fishing net
3806.15014502.550Seaford Snapper. Back. Water depth 16m.The fishing net
3807.62014503.930Graemes 2 (Snapper)BCF
3806.73014504.120Snapper Patterson Lakes. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3806.73814504.120Out of Seaford Snapper. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3803.08014504.230Car No. 2The fishing net
3800.70014504.900AGD66 Mordialloc Pier Navigation.The fishing net
3802.17414505.578Steves Spot Snapper, Shark.The fishing net
3802.17014505.580Mordialloc Snapper, water depth 18 m.The fishing net
3807.17514505.605WGS84 Seaford l Snapper. Water depth 11 - 13m.The fishing net
3807.31914505.780Outer Reef Carrum Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3807.93914505.925Frankston Reef Snapper. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3806.25014506.170Inner SeafordThe fishing net
3808.43014506.410Frankston rampThe fishing net
3806.82114506.658Mile Bridge Seaford. Snapper.The fishing net
3808.85014506.700AGD66 Frankston Pier Navigation.The fishing net
3804.56114506.987The fishing net
3804.27014507.020Patterson RiverThe fishing net
3804.50014507.100AGD66 Paterson River Cruise.The fishing net
3825.33014508.210WGS84 Skuteri Spot Hvilling. Dubina vode 3m.The fishing net
3826.75514510.353AUS66 West Entrance Snapper. Water depth 30m. BackThe fishing net
3811.56814511.875WGS84 Hastings Pier Mole/bådrampe.The fishing net
3826.03714514.039WGS84 Cowes Rubber Shark Rubber. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3823.69714514.150WGS84 no. 1 with sand, hvilling, snook,The fishing net
3823.69014514.155Martin's Spot Whiting. Water depth 6 - 8m.The fishing net
3823.43114514.343Dolphin Stony Point. Ikke grebena.The fishing net
3824.76914516.512Elephant Mark Elephant FishThe fishing net
3826.53114516.625Silverleaf Snapper, Whiting.The fishing net
3816.66614516.938Snapper. Water depth 14m.The fishing net
3827.59014518.410Rhyll rampThe fishing net
3827.33814518.631WGS84 Ray's Spot Whiting. Dubina vode 10m.The fishing net
3804.31014520.230The fishing net
3818.60014520.270WGS84 Joe's Island Whiting, Snapper, Gumasti morski pas.The fishing net
3804.30014520.320Car No. 1The fishing net
3826.52914520.967Rhyll Reef Elephantfish, gummihaj,The fishing net
3826.62514521.129Ο Steves Spot Elephant Shark.The fishing net
3825.44214521.959Elizabeth Corinella Island. snapper, sticky shark,The fishing net
3819.82014522.600WGS84 Esso Snapper. The bottom of the ridge. Water depthThe fishing net
3826.69714522.675Elephant Mark Corinella Sth. Elephant fish.The fishing net
3824.89114523.135Corinella Red Cliffs Snapper, Rubber Shark,The fishing net
3823.31014524.755Gummyl gummy shark. Water depth 10m.The fishing net
3807.00014535.200cod. Water depth 13m.The fishing net
3843.31014625.350Channel Lewisov 09 ""The fishing net
3844.07014625.350Channel Lewisov 05 ""The fishing net
3843.52014625.380Channel Lewisov 07 ""The fishing net
3843.13014625.440Lewisov Channel 11 ""The fishing net
3844.28014625.440Channel Lewisov 03 ""The fishing net
3843.02014625.560Lewisov Channel 13 ""The fishing net
3842.43014626.110Lewis Channel 15 Seal Island Group.The fishing net
3845.01014626.110Lewisov Channel 01 ""The fishing net
3842.28014626.290Lewis Channel 17 Bijela stijena, NordligstThe fishing net
3842.19014626.420Sequence Lewis Channel 14 will transport youThe fishing net
3842.10014627.350Port of Welshpool Follow these navigation signsThe fishing net
3847.29014628.470Corner entrance 06 ""The fishing net
3847.59014630.060Corner entrance 04 ""The fishing net
3854.25014630.240white stone " "The fishing net
3849.06014631.240Corner entrance 02 ""The fishing net
3850.28014633.320Corner entrance 05 ""The fishing net
3851.04014634.050Entrance Cornet 03 ""The fishing net
3853.90314646.935WGS84 Peters Mark Flathead. Sandy bottom. WaterThe fishing net
3840.46014656.190Master fish collector.The fishing net
3842.37014658.020Snapper Snapper, especially early in the seasonThe fishing net
3842.51014703.200Impact ridge areaThe fishing net
3405.43014423.600Oyster Bed Snapper. Gravel down withThe fishing net
3546.01814800.735Rogers StThe fishing net
3606.40314456.523Red Bahma, carp.The fishing net
3600.57914557.687Yarrawonga Deep Hole.The fishing net
3714.28014207.360WGS84 RCKDM001 Red feather.The fishing net
3718.93014514.740AG66 Gregs Spot King George WhitingThe fishing net
3715.52014516.500Eagle RockThe fishing net
3716.20014517.530Crawfish RockThe fishing net
3716.60014521.100WGS84 Joes Island Snapper. Dubina vode llm.The fishing net
3715.13314557.750Jerusalem trout. Water depth 8m.The fishing net
3713.08214601.969WGS84 Andy's Mark Trout, Golden Perch. VodaThe fishing net
4113.15814817.395Sloop Rock (striped trumpet, morwong, flat cod, red cod and other reef fish)BCF
4126.14614821.744Pulfers Reef St Helens Point. ridge type,The fishing net
4118.58714821.886Middle Ground St Helens. Deep steep descent.The fishing net
4116.75414822.943Merricks Reef St Helens Point. Vrsta grebena.The fishing net
4116.58514822.997Merricks Rock (striped trumpet, morwong, flat cod, red cod and other reef fish)BCF
4109.22814838.497Greben Binalong PatchThe fishing net
4104.52014841.270Anson Hamp lBCF
3032.89113752.048WGS84 Snook Spot Port Broughton. Snook, Snapper.The fishing net
3158.59013828.780Ground Kemp egg white, sea apple.The fishing net
3242.67313408.452AGD66 The Bushes Streaky Bay. Kralj George Whiting,The fishing net
3246.54213413.249AGD66 Target Point Streaky Bay. Snapper, Plavi ρακ.The fishing net
3245.02513414.188AGD66 Little Island Streaky Bay. egg white, squid,The fishing net
3243.90013414.430AGD66 Streaky Bay artificial reef. Snapper, shark, whiting,The fishing net
3240.00013745.800Port Augusta articulated deckThe fishing net
3258.27013746.740The fishing net
3258.10013746.900Dækmodul 2 km north of Point Lowly LightThe fishing net
3259.70013747.100Point Lowly Light House tire unit.The fishing net
3329.94013728.470Storage timeBCF
3309.62013730.580western herdBCF
3328.89013732.672The wreckage of the WGS84 illusion. Snapper, Whiting,The fishing net
3334.98013733.241WGS84 Old Artificial West Snapper. Bilkarosserikant.The fishing net
3302.68013735.550Pittmans DropBCF
3305.21713736.112WGS84 Steelworks Breakwater Aust. Salmon, egg white, rays.The fishing net
3306.30013736.300Tire unit 7.3 km from Whyalla boat rampThe fishing net
3305.69013736.390Marek Ridge (snapper, trumpeter)BCF
3305.76813736.408WGS84 Snapper, King George Whiting,The fishing net
3355.52013736.636Wallaroo Whiting Drop WhitingThe fishing net
3355.52013736.640Wallaroo Whiting Drop (Whiting)BCF
3349.59013737.310WGS84 Wave Recorder Snapper, Whiting. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3304.90013738.400AGD66 Fairway Bank Snapper. Dubina vode 13m.The fishing net
3309.73013738.516WGS84 Snapper. Water depth 13m.The fishing net
3309.70013738.540WGS84 Snapper. Wreck and reef bottom.The fishing net
3309.66813738.570Wreck of sunken tug WGS84 Leeton, Whyalla.The fishing net
3305.44113739.632WGS84 South Havelburg Whyalla. Snapper, Trubač,The fishing net
3300.67013739.890Blatna Obala (snapper, trumpet player)BCF
3300.96013740.220Muddy shoreBCF
3305.54013740.320North Havelburg (Snapper, Trubač)BCF
3300.82013740.390Cars (Snapper, Trumpeter)BCF
3301.74013740.460Hos Stanley'sBCF
3301.96013740.460Blast furnaceBCF
3309.94013743.570east bankBCF
3309.49013745.610A deep holeBCF
3357.32013746.310Get Off The Bus (Snapper)BCF
3334.72013749.300DionThe fishing net
3332.58113749.632Port Broughton SnapperThe fishing net
3333.24713750.118Balast Ground Port Broughton.The fishing net
3332.43713750.506Tom's Spot Port Broughton. SnapperThe fishing net
3334.97013750.700Biller BroughtonThe fishing net
3334.93813750.721WGS84 Pinnacle Snapper, Hvilling.The fishing net
3334.20013750.740Snowy's (KG Whiting)BCF
3334.94013750.750WGS84 Dunstals Port Broughton. Hvilling, SnapperThe fishing net
3334.98813750.847Port Broughton SnapperThe fishing net
3334.25813750.850WGS84 Sandy's Spot Port Broughton. KG HvillingThe fishing net
3333.16813751.239WGS84 Port Brough Municipal Landfill. SnapperThe fishing net
3335.53813751.280WGS84 Port Broughton Whiting. Dubina 3.5m.The fishing net
3333.00013751.400WGS84 Bodies Artificial Ridge. Snapper.The fishing net
3332.89113752.048WGS84 Neils Spot Snapper, King George Whiting.The fishing net
3305.09013754.430A wreck of a societyBCF
3303.27013759.800The wreck of Port GermainBCF
3308.75013759.900McIntosh bankBCF
3429.76213516.559Sandhills Farm Beach Whiting, Garfish.The fishing net
3441.16813552.238Shipwreck 1The fishing net
3441.17013552.240Sunken Ship (Mixed Reef Fish)BCF
3445.01013556.500Sunken brother Snook, Snapper, Tuna, Whiting,The fishing net
3443.48013628.817WGS84 Buffalo Reef Snapper, Morwong. Not the catches.The fishing net
3403.44913714.700WGS84 Steamer Canal Port Hughes. Snapper.The fishing net
3428.57213718.665Barrons Snapper, Whiting. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3424.82013721.470WGS84 Lindsayin Mark Port Victoria. Hvilling, Snapper.The fishing net
3427.98513722.778Wardang Jetty Patch NE Obala otoka Wardang.The fishing net
3427.76613723.145WGS83 Vrag Songvar Spencer Gulf.The fishing net
3426.95013723.760WGS84 Deadman's Rock Spencer Gulf, Port Victoria.The fishing net
3409.21513724.665WGS84 Cape Elizabeth SL Port Hughs. Whiting, sea passion belt.The fishing net
3407.40113725.495Whiting Ground Cape Elizabeth, Port HughesThe fishing net
3407.51013727.550WGS84 Gilley Port Hughs. KG Hvilling.The fishing net
3402.32413729.031Albert's 2 Port Hughes/Kemps. bjelanjak gnd.The fishing net
3403.01413730.540Albert's l Port Hughes/Kemps. egg white gnd.The fishing net
3402.84613730.702WGS84 John's Ground Port Hughes. egg white, horn,The fishing net
3401.00013731.090Whiting Crab Hole Port Hughes. Hvilling, blåThe fishing net
3453.06013751.020Stansbury Hump Water Depth 6m. Sandy bottom.The fishing net
3446.63213754.845WGS84 Bob's Spot Port Vincent. Kralj GeorgeThe fishing net
3426.35013755.440WGS84 BHP teglenica Ardrossan. Snapper, Mulloway,The fishing net
3433.80813757.327AGD84 Ardrossan Point Whiting.The fishing net
3432.00613803.513Hopper teglenica ArdrossanThe fishing net
3431.92013803.580WGS84 Ardrossan l Sand climb up to 12m.The fishing net
3431.83813803.675AGD66 Snapper, Whiting, Snook.The fishing net
3430.79013803.700Prohibited area of ​​Zanoni.The fishing net
3434.55413804.817WGS84 allows spotting. Broken bottom.The fishing net
3437.00013817.100Dame JoannaThe fishing net
3437.43013817.710sand spots. Water depth 9m.The fishing net
3450.52013819.200Water depth 63'.The fishing net
3450.45713819.346Yderhavn Ballast Slime Mackerel, King GeorgeThe fishing net
3450.45613819.362WGS84 Coral Patch Hvilling, Snapper, Shark, Squid.The fishing net
3449.53013820.100Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3449.53013820.120LoadThe fishing net
3449.38013820.266WGS84 John Robb Wreck Snapper, Whiting.The fishing net
3438.75013820.370Goannas (2) Snapper, SharkThe fishing net
3439.18813820.468Goannas Mali greben, trakasti korov iThe fishing net
3439.02013820.600The fishing net
3438.43013820.620Goannas (3) Snapper, SharkThe fishing net
3438.46013820.620Goannas (4) HvillingThe fishing net
3439.02013820.630Goannas (ιβ) HvillingThe fishing net
3439.96013821.670Vanjski Gawler Ground WhitingThe fishing net
3440.32013822.070Gawler Ground Sth HvillingThe fishing net
3441.51813822.328The fishing net
3441.35513822.403WGS84 The Shed Hvilling, Snapper, Sarfish, Crab.The fishing net
3452.46013822.520Southwest land snook, dauki, zanderThe fishing net
3446.28913822.609Leather Jacket WGS84 Ribbon Ground, Jacket, Crab,The fishing net
3440.25213823.657WGS84 Gawler Ground Whit, Snapper, Ligje, GarfishThe fishing net
3453.82013823.760Wheeling momsThe fishing net
3446.90913823.802Outer Harbor Ships - KG WhitingThe fishing net
3446.83213823.843Cabbage gardenThe fishing net
3455.02813823.992WGS84 Grange Tire Reef King George Whiting, Snapper.The fishing net
3459.40013824.000WGS84 whiting, flathead, catch,The fishing net
3459.30113824.190Fred's slime mince, King GeorgeThe fishing net
3441.22013824.240WGS84 Neds Crabhole Blue Swimmer Crabs, KingThe fishing net
3452.33013824.360Lorna's Patch Snook, Garfish, Whiting, LigjeThe fishing net
3447.23013824.470Coral Patch Nth Garfish, WhitingThe fishing net
3447.48013824.470Coral Patch Outer Harbor. egg white, horn,The fishing net
3447.23013824.470Coral Patch North Whiting, Garfish. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3440.62013824.520Inner Gawler WhalingThe fishing net
3447.48013824.580Coral Patch Sth HvillingThe fishing net
3439.79713824.730WGS84 Port Gawler River Blue swimming crab. Water depthThe fishing net
3436.65013824.790WGS84 navigation bådrampe in the middle of the beachThe fishing net
3449.48013824.930The fishing net
3449.40013825.000Snapper, WhitingThe fishing net
3454.27013825.020Whiting spark plug, GarfishThe fishing net
3454.59013825.090Medium horn, whiteThe fishing net
3449.34913825.111Norma Wreck Snapper, Morski pas, Whiting, TommyThe fishing net
3442.43013825.190Chapman Creek WhitingThe fishing net
3446.04513825.196hvilling, multe,The fishing net
3448.46213825.273WGS84 Naval Ground Whiting, Snapper, Tommy Rough,The fishing net
3451.43713825.811AUS66 Semaphore Reef Whiting, hornfisk.The fishing net
3455.26013825.900Dicksons GlenelgThe fishing net
3450.90513825.905WGS84 RAS crab, dace, snook, shark,The fishing net
3450.33013826.090Wonga Shoal Snook, Garfish, WhitingThe fishing net
3458.91013826.200North ledgeThe fishing net
3443.21013826.220WGS84 Inland StKilda Garfish, Snook, CrabThe fishing net
3458.79213826.272North Outer King George Whiting, Snapper,The fishing net
3458.82013826.300WGS66 teglenica Glenelg.The fishing net
3454.46013826.310Grange Jetty Molatica, Snapper, GarfishThe fishing net
3444.41013826.340Mud marker Snook, whiting, crabThe fishing net
3459.02413826.368MilkshakesThe fishing net
3458.96013826.390Grahamov Mark Whiting, Sanpper, Flathead,The fishing net
3458.70213826.447Glenelg teglenicaThe fishing net
3459.00013826.600Tire Reef Glenelg. Snapper, Hvilling,The fishing net
3440.21013826.620Navigation WGS84 Port GawlerThe fishing net
3450.77013826.660Semaforski greben Nth Whiting, Garfish, Snook, TommyThe fishing net
3445.51813826.738Soil mudThe fishing net
3457.43613826.770Red roofThe fishing net
3456.52013826.800Outlet Ground OutdoorsThe fishing net
3451.18013826.880Mathiasov Mark Whiting, Garfish, Snapper,The fishing net
3445.35013826.900Snook, Whiting, CrabThe fishing net
3451.66013826.930Semaforski greben Sth Whiting, Garfish, Snook, TommyThe fishing net
3453.19013826.950Grange Ground White, Garfish, LawThe fishing net
3458.64013827.000Macks Whiting, Snapper.The fishing net
3458.29013827.470Williams Glenelg. Ligje, Garfish, WhiteThe fishing net
3457.40813827.638Bag Ground GlenelgThe fishing net
3456.60013828.400Grounding of the output InternalThe fishing net
3458.20413828.768WGS84 Shag Patch Whiting, Snapper, Snook, GarfishThe fishing net
3458.59013828.780WGS84 Kemp's Glenelg. egg white, horn,The fishing net
3447.14513829.128RonThe fishing net
3447.67013829.260WGS84 Northhaven Whiting, Tommy Rough.The fishing net
3404.57413829.661WGS84 Port Hughes Jetty King George Whiting.The fishing net
3448.45613831.237WGS84 Vics Crabs Blue swimming crab.The fishing net
3444.62013832.080WGS84 StKilda bådrampe navigationThe fishing net
3448.30013833.820AGD66 Port Parham Snapper, egg white, squid.The fishing net
3455.44013840.450WGS84 The Bluff Squid, Rock Cod, Deverika.The fishing net
3445.55013852.400WGS84 Ardrossan 2 Sandy bottom.The fishing net
3517.20913645.500Althorpe Reef Garfish, Whiting.The fishing net
3515.18913702.194WGS84 Aitchev kralj George Whiting, Snook.The fishing net
3512.56013724.279Gandy Ground Stenhouse Bay. Pišmolj.The fishing net
3541.20013740.200WGS84 Kingscote moduli guma King George Whiting, ReefThe fishing net
3507.51013745.360AGD66 Sultana Passage South Edithburgh. Marker - floats in cans.The fishing net
3506.07013745.390AGD84 Sultan's Passport Navigation Index.The fishing net
3506.57013745.390AGD66 Sultana Passage North Edithburgh. Marker - cliff.The fishing net
3506.07013745.390The passage of the SultanBCF
3506.57013745.390The passage of the SultanBCF
3509.42013749.180AGD66 Marion Reef Light Snapper, Sweep, Snook, Shark.The fishing net
3507.80013753.300AGD84The fishing net
3506.39113755.825AGD66 North Shoals Edithburgh. Snapper.The fishing net
3515.15513814.400WGS84 Aldingahaj, flathaj, hvilling.The fishing net
3519.38913818.985Aldinga Whiting, Snapper. Sandy bottom.The fishing net
3525.33013819.050WC Reef Carrickalinga block WGS84. reef fish, pike,The fishing net
3502.03213819.314Marion Newtons Snapper, Whiting. Odbaciti.The fishing net
3518.40013819.900WGS84 Myponga Drop Gummy Shark, Ray. Dubina vodeThe fishing net
3506.89013824.600WGS84 Teglenice l Snapper, Flathead.The fishing net
3506.89013824.610WGS84 Stanvac teglenice Potopljene teglenice.The fishing net
3506.88013824.700Teglenice 2The fishing net
3508.90013826.500tire jackThe fishing net
3513.85313827.233WGS84 Moana Bar Snapper, Morski pas, Trevally,The fishing net
3514.71013827.500WGS84 Gull Rock, Snook, Tommy Leather JacketThe fishing net
3507.15013828.000O'Sullivan's Beach Boat RampThe fishing net
3501.92013828.100WGS84 Hvilling, Fladhoved.The fishing net
3501.92013828.180Seacliff Reef Whiting, Snook, Snapper, GarfishThe fishing net
3501.92013828.220Brighton Reef Reef GroundThe fishing net
3559.74113828.268WGS84 Minda Home King George Whiting, Garfish.The fishing net
3503.84013828.565WGS84 Blackbird Hvilling, Snapper.The fishing net
3501.13513829.240WGS84 Rock Patch Brighton. egg white, squid,The fishing net
3502.19013829.300The ledgeThe fishing net
3501.83613829.306AGD66 Jannett's characteristic bulge u dnu.The fishing net
3501.92013829.330Minced Brighton squid, egg white.The fishing net
3501.12013829.400Brighton Ridge 2The fishing net
3504.21013829.400CavesThe fishing net
3501.12013829.400Brighton Reef 2 (mixed reef fish)BCF
3541.44213833.879Pinnacles Trevally.The fishing net
3540.44013835.840Join Mark Trevally. Not the catches.The fishing net
3540.22013836.100five mile reef (reef)BCF
3540.12013836.200seven mile reef (reef)BCF
3540.11613836.292Seven Mile Reef Snapper.The fishing net
3810.17914041.556WGS84 Kings Head Nannygai, Sth Plavoperajna tun,The fishing net
1259.63912556.432The fishing net
2011.22011638.050AGD84 Emperor Spot Red Emperor.The fishing net
2022.55011644.410WGS66 Trevors Spot Reef type. Vandybde 12 -The fishing net
3154.85011511.750AGD66 Penn Reels FADThe fishing net
3159.77011512.950AGD66 Zeno's Cafe FADThe fishing net
3154.96011514.910AGD66 FAD Ship and Yacht BrokersThe fishing net
3159.97011528.130Swirl Reef Coral bund. Dubina voted 21m.The fishing net
3159.33011529.300Coesy Point pelagic fish. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3159.64511529.300The wreck of the city of York. Water depth 12m.The fishing net
3158.58011529.850North Point Deep Canyon. Vanddybde 14 - 26μ.The fishing net
3158.91011529.905Outdoor Armstrong Dropoff 11 - 25 m.The fishing net
3159.40011530.200Armstrong Point Crabs. Water depth 8m.The fishing net
3159.05011530.680North Point Crepes. Dubina vode 10m.The fishing net
3158.72011531.080Outdoor parrot sharks. Water depth 16m.The fishing net
3159.03011531.190Parakeet Bay Krebs. Water depth 6m.The fishing net
3158.75011531.400Point Clune Water depth 12m. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3159.05011532.210Monday WK Water depth 12m.The fishing net
3158.42011532.210Crayfish roe. Water depth 8m.The fishing net
3158.11011533.220N/E Roe Cancer. No ridges.The fishing net
3159.20011533.400Thompson Wrecks Water depth 12m. Shipwreck.The fishing net
3159.21011534.450Kingston Spit Water depth 15m.The fishing net
3155.48511535.100Trigg Snapper, Haringa,The fishing net
3155.49011535.100Trigg (Herring, West Australian Jew)BCF
3143.84011536.310Rino's Spot Sandhvilling, FlatheadThe fishing net
3139.55211537.709WGS84 Marty's Spot WA Jewfish, Krebs.The fishing net
3141.42011541.380WGS84 Krebsekrebs. Water depth 5.5 - 8m.The fishing net
3155.48811542.344Atlantic patch. Sand and weed bottom.The fishing net
3153.18911542.557AGD66 Centaur Reef Sth Snapper, Samson Fish, Reef Fish.The fishing net
3149.39911544.271WGS84 Whiting Town Beach. Vanddybde 8 - 15m.The fishing net
3205.00011509.600AGD66 Sloboda FADThe fishing net
3208.01011510.040AGD66 Magellan FADThe fishing net
3205.00011511.000AGD66 O'Loughlin FADThe fishing net
3203.00011511.600AGD66 O'Loughlin FADThe fishing net
3259.92011513.070AGD66 Beacon Marine FADThe fishing net
3200.00011519.000AGD66The fishing net
3203.26011519.490AGD66 Club Marine FADThe fishing net
3203.27011519.650AGD66The fishing net
3201.92011519.990AGD66 Alexov morski hirThe fishing net
3218.20011521.500AGD66 Horse Shoe ReefThe fishing net
3201.43511526.415West End Krebs, Deverika.The fishing net
3201.93011526.415West Patch Jewfish. Dubina vode 20m.The fishing net
3200.79511526.4953 bundle North West Patch Reef.The fishing net
3201.85011526.7002 Cape Vlamingh Deep Water dubina 26μ.The fishing net
3200.86011526.8502 bundle North West Patch Reef.The fishing net
3201.71011526.8801 Cape Vlamingh Water depth 19m.The fishing net
3200.75011526.9301 Northwest Patch Krebs. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3200.30011527.1603 Horse Shoe Reef The bottom of the reef.The fishing net
3201.73011527.185Hook Dropoff Dropoff. Vanddybde 19μ.The fishing net
3200.18011527.2702 Horse Shoe Reef The bottom of the reef.The fishing net
3205.20011527.410AGD66 Kingie ReefThe fishing net
3201.56011527.500Williams Bay cancer. Vanddybde 18m.The fishing net
3201.70011527.625Reef Stingray Radar. Coral bundle.The fishing net
3200.34511527.7101 Horse Shoe Reef The bottom of the reef. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3200.34511528.240Mirp Flores Jewfish, crayfish.The fishing net
3201.45011528.400South Point Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3201.33011528.790Reef bottom of Strickland Bay. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3201.42011529.610The bottom of Kitson Point Reef. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3201.31011529.9101 It is green. Lower the lower back. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3201.62011529.930Outer green island of Boboras and coral bottom.The fishing net
3201.43011530.2002 It's green. Drop the bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3201.88011531.000Salmon bream. Coral bottom.The fishing net
3201.95511531.490Jeannies Drop Off Dropoff. Dubina vode 24m.The fishing net
3201.84011531.780Parker Point Coral dno. Dubina vode 25m.The fishing net
3201.52011531.950Parker Point Crab. Coral bottom.The fishing net
3201.59011532.320Seal Caves At the bottom of the reef. Water depth 18m.The fishing net
3201.55011532.700Crystal Palace Ridge and the base of the ledge.The fishing net
3201.08011532.960Lady Elizabeth Rec. Vanddybde 6m.The fishing net
3201.35011533.070Wreck of Dyer Island. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3200.79011533.395Coral Island Wallace Team. Dubina vode 8m.The fishing net
3200.91511533.500The base of Grof's Ridge. Water depth 10m.The fishing net
3201.55011535.000Jacksons RKS Water depth 10m. The bottom of the ridge.The fishing net
3208.00011535.150WGS84 Seawood Fremantle. Samsonova riba, Snapper,The fishing net
3208.65011535.460WGS84 5 Fathom Mark Snapper Snapper, Whiting, Queen Snapper,The fishing net
3209.94611536.381AGD66 5 Fathom Mark Garden Isl Nth.The fishing net
3216.97811537.595Olupina AGD66 OrizabaThe fishing net
3220.15511538.185AGD66 Coventry RidgeThe fishing net
3205.07011539.180Mewstone Fremantle. Kralj George Whiting,The fishing net
3207.20811540.008WGS84 Carnac Ligje, Whiting, Tommy Rough.The fishing net
3210.05011540.851WGS84 Harding Rock Cockburn mask.The fishing net
3215.36111540.936AGD66 Point Platform Marker External markerThe fishing net
3211.66411544.516WGS84 D9 Snapper. Shipwreck. Water depth 6m.The fishing net
3211.65011544.570D9 Bulldozer Snapper. Sandy bottom. WaterThe fishing net
3205.03711546.793the mark of MaryThe fishing net
1257.11712956.746The fishing net
1256.00012957.000The fishing net
1252.21713008.983Bowra ShoalBCF
1250.10013009.000Bowra Shoals MarkThe fishing net
1232.42913016.476Loee Patches (Dundee/Bynoe)BCF
1232.20013017.900Greben LoeThe fishing net
1223.48013018.000Lorna ShoalsThe fishing net
1222.50013018.000The fishing net
1222.93713018.007The fishing net
1228.75013018.233Basov GrebenBCF
1221.24013019.000The fishing net
1243.67113019.998S ramp DundeeBCF
1239.30313020.165Greben Roche (c)BCF
1229.75313026.227The fishing net
1226.00013026.300SS BRISBANE ""The fishing net
1226.31613026.749Fishing reefBCF
1234.06513027.239Port WGS84 Simms Reef Bynoe. Jewish womanThe fishing net
1235.36013031.389Bynoe Harbor Jewfish, fingerprints.The fishing net
1220.48213031.539Charles PatchesBCF
1210.20013034.700*POVS ""The fishing net
1211.13713039.427The fishing net
1211.00013039.500* BROLGA/EAGLE ""The fishing net
1210.28713039.627The fishing net
1211.77313040.287The fishing net
1211.68613040.360RIDGE PIPELINE " "The fishing net
1211.69013040.360Pipeline legBCF
1210.68713040.527The fishing net
1210.60013040.600ARCHARTOS 3 " " Water depth 25m.The fishing net
1209.90013040.630L""The fishing net
1209.78713040.727The fishing net
1211.19713041.167The fishing net
1211.11013041.240BUS STOP " "The fishing net
1220.48813041.245WGS84 Belyuen Mark Golden Snapper, Jewfish.The fishing net
1210.51213041.364THE WRECK 2 ""The fishing net
1210.38713041.427The fishing net
1210.30013041.500* JABIRU/ KOOKABURRA ""The fishing net
1225.46713045.647The fishing net
1225.38013045.720NO, NOTHING ""The fishing net
1225.59613045.917Dieman BCF
1226.86713046.677The fishing net
1226.78013046.750MANTORA QUEEN ""The fishing net
1224.79613047.758Six Mile (Harbour Bouy)BCF
1228.63713047.807The fishing net
1228.73713047.827The fishing net
1228.55013047.880LATE ""The fishing net
1228.67713047.897The fishing net
1228.65013047.900HAM LUONK ""The fishing net
1228.59013047.970TO SAIGON ""The fishing net
1224.81713048.027WRECK 3 ""The fishing net
1224.88913048.077The fishing net
1228.48113048.091Song SaigonBCF
1224.80013048.150ARGE Shipwrecks and artificial reefsThe fishing net
1230.13713048.227The fishing net
1230.05013048.300YU HAN 22" "The fishing net
1226.90413048.608WGS84 Sandbar Wreck Snapper, deverika, Trevally,The fishing net
1230.03713048.937The fishing net
1229.44713048.947The fishing net
1229.36013049.020USAT MEIGS ""The fishing net
1229.95013049.100USAT HIGH MOUNTAIN " "The fishing net
1229.81513049.162Long mountainBCF
1228.32113049.488ARY Wreck. Water depth 30m.The fishing net
1228.68713049.677The fishing net
1228.60013049.750I ""The fishing net
1228.28713049.977The fishing net
1228.20013050.050BELLBIRD ""The fishing net
1229.21713050.227The fishing net
1229.13013050.300BRITISH MOTORCYCLE " "The fishing net
1218.01513050.391Overturned reefBCF
1222.76313050.395Night Cliff (from the ramp)BCF
1228.48713050.477The fishing net
1228.40013050.550BLUE BIRD ""The fishing net
1229.75413050.627The fishing net
1229.00013050.700LATE ""The fishing net
1229.03613050.897The fishing net
1228.24013050.970POSEIDON ""The fishing net
1228.95013050.980SEALAND ""The fishing net
1220.69213051.185Beige meBCF
1220.76913051.342Old Man RockBCF
1218.14013051.776Bottle washersBCF
1232.54713051.867The fishing net
1232.46013051.940ELENGOWAN ""The fishing net
1218.89013052.123Greben AngerBCF
1230.08613052.557The fishing net
1230.00013052.630CHELAT ""The fishing net
1227.33713052.877The fishing net
1227.25013052.950CHANGE 1028 ""The fishing net
1229.38713053.127The fishing net
1229.30013053.2003"" knifeThe fishing net
1229.53713053.427The fishing net
1229.45013053.500CATALINA (l) ""The fishing net
1230.03713053.627The fishing net
1230.76713053.657The fishing net
1229.95013053.700CATALINA (2) ""The fishing net
1230.68013053.730CATALINA (4) ""The fishing net
1230.62513053.893Catalina (East Branch)BCF
1230.76713054.127The fishing net
1230.68013054.200CATALINA (5) ""The fishing net
1229.88713054.527The fishing net
1229.80013054.600CATALINA (3) ""The fishing net
1253.36613112.393Adelaide River Humpty Ltd. Klippefremspring.The fishing net
1202.01113117.735They are bredBCF
1202.28613121.354Shut upBCF
1202.22013634.920WGS84 Bonner #5 Coral Trout, Mackerel,The fishing net


Can you track a tagged fish? ›

Tracking is a process in which marine biologists and resource managers use technology to tag fish and map their movements. Mark and recapture is a process where a small group of a particular fish species is captured, marked or tagged, and then released so they can be recognized during a later recapture.

Do GPS tags work? ›

Much like a smartphone with location services enabled, GPS ankle tags can report the wearer's location to the tagging authority's system every minute or so. However the frequency with which this location history is uploaded to the control centre depends on the product, and how it is configured for a particular wearer.

Does a tag have a GPS tracker? ›

Apple AirTags have a longer battery life and way more affordable price tag than our favorite GPS trackers. But AirTags really have no other features besides location tracking. GPS trackers usually have geofencing alerts and scheduled location updates, whereas AirTags only show their location on demand.

How accurate are tracking tags? ›

Modern GPS tracking systems are highly accurate, with most devices capable of providing location data within a range of 3 to 15 meters (9.8 to 49.2 feet).

How much are tagged fish worth? ›

Most of tagged fish are worth $1,000. A bonus T-shirt will fetch lucky anglers another $500. Anglers must be preregistered to be eligible.

Is there an app that tells you what fish you caught? ›

FishVerify uses state-of-the-art image recognition and artificial intelligence to instantly identify your fish species. Just take a picture with your phones camera or upload an existing image to enjoy species identification within seconds.

What can block a GPS tracker? ›

Yes, the GPS signals can be blocked by wet trees, aluminum foil, plastic containers, or even a tin box filled with thick materials can block GPS signals.

Can GPS tracker work without Internet? ›

GPS tracking on your phone works just as well without internet connectivity or cellular service. We are constantly surrounded by Global Positioning System signals from satellites orbiting the planet. Your phone is continuously tracking these signals to get an estimate of your location even when you are offline.

How long can a GPS tag last? ›

How long can a GPS tracker battery last? The battery life of the GPS tracker varies from one to another. But on average, a GPS device can also last up to 6-12 months without active tracking.

How far away can AirTags track? ›

What is the range of an AirTag? AirTags do not have a defined range because they work within the range of Apple's Find My network. This means as long as an AirTag is within Bluetooth range of anybody's iPhone (or other Apple device), it can passively communicate with it and then help you locate it.

How far can you track a tag? ›

What's the AirTag Range? The first step when locating your AirTag is to open the Find My app and select the Items tab. Bluetooth range is around 30 feet, depending on the conditions like wall thickness and more. If you have an iPhone 11 or later model, you can use Precision Tracking.

Can a cell phone detect a GPS tracker? ›

Is there an app that can detect a GPS tracker? Yes, there are many apps that can detect if a GPS tracker has been installed on your cell phone. If you have an Android phone you can download Certo Mobile Security for free from the Play Store and quickly scan your phone for GPS tracking apps and other malware.

How far off can a GPS tracker be? ›

Typically, the information provided by GPS trackers is accurate to within three meters. However, any obstruction on the line of sight between the device and the sky can affect the accuracy of the location data it transmits, such as tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, or dense forests.

What's the difference between tags and trackers? ›

Tags can be used similarly to the ad tracking value, but they allow for more flexible options. A tag can be used to trigger a campaign, as well. Tags are more commonly used than ad tracking values to trigger campaigns.

Is tag tracking worth it? ›

Considering the high cost of replacing a stolen vehicle and the emotional distress that comes with it, the installation fee of $650 + tax for the TAG Tracking system is well worth the investment.

What happens if you catch a tagged redfish? ›

What to do if I catch a STAR tagged redfish? Remove the visible portion of the tag, and release the redfish regardless of condition. Head for the nearest weigh station to turn it in and fill out a weigh-in form. The weigh station will retain the tag.

How rare is it to catch a tagged fish? ›

First and foremost it is incredibly rare to catch a tagged fish. The odds of catching a tagged fish vary by location and species but if you happen to catch one it's a big deal. Not only are you lucky but there are tournaments and reward programs for catching tagged fish and all you have to do is register.

How long do fish tags last? ›

The tag's previous version typically lasts about 100 days. Now, the new tag is designed to work as long as the fish carrying it swims. Piezoelectricity is a hot area of research, with the self-charging materials being used to harvest energy from everything from insects to human joints.

Do fish finders spook fish? ›

Anecdotally, no – plenty of anglers have done plenty of shallow water fishing using their fish finders, and very few report problems. Some anglers are convinced that sonar scares off the fish, however.

Do fish finders actually show fish? ›

A fish finder is a highly effective tool that will allow you to see fish and structure you never knew were there; however, one slight misstep in the buying process can make your new device ineffective and, at times, they will not show you the complete picture.

Do fish locators work? ›

A fish finder works thanks to sonar technology. Sonar stands for SOund NAvigation Ranging. It sends sound waves into the water in the form of pulses or pings. When the sound waves hit something, the sound is reflected back.

Does aluminum foil block GPS tracking? ›

Any electrically conductive metal will reflect and absorb the device's incoming and outgoing signals and interfere with its operation. Wrapping a GPS tracker in aluminum foil is enough to do the job—although copper and even silver work as well. This is an incredibly cheap and easy method of GPS jamming.

How to trick a GPS tracking device? ›

Although GPS satellite signals appear to be technologically advanced, they may be readily fooled by using simple jamming devices. Wrapping a typical GPS in aluminum foil, for example, produces a faraday cage around it. And this cage will operate as a GPS jamming device, blocking GPS signals.

Will a magnet disable a GPS tracker? ›

Yes, a strong magnet can affect a GPS tracker, as it can interfere with the GPS signal and cause the tracker to malfunction or stop working altogether. GPS trackers use satellite signals to determine their location, and these signals are very weak.

Can you GPS track someone without their knowledge? ›

It is an offense for a person to knowingly install, conceal, or otherwise place or use an electronic tracking device in or on a motor vehicle without the consent of the operator and all occupants of the vehicle for the purpose of monitoring or following the operator, occupant, or occupants of the vehicle.

Can police track a phone that is turned off? ›

The police and network provider can track a switched-off phone using an IMEI number, while you can use other ways to locate your lost or stolen cell phone. It may not be as easy as locating your cell phone when it's turned on, but there are still some ways to help you find a lost phone that is switched off.

Do GPS trackers need a power source? ›

Can GPS Work Without Power? All GPS units require a power source. They contain electronic circuits that receive and transmit location data. These circuits require electricity, which means they will need to draw from a power source to function.

What is the smallest GPS tracker? ›

9 Best Smallest GPS Trackers In 2023 – Mini GPS Trackers
  • AngelSense- Best Affordable Tracker.
  • Family1st GPS Tracker- Best Battery Life.
  • Whistle 3- Best for Pet Tracking.
  • Trakbond Trail- Best Tracker for Kids.
  • Geozilla GPS tracker- Best Portable and Lightweight Tracker.
  • Fitbit Versa 4- Best For Fitness Enthusiasts.

Do you have to charge GPS tags? ›

The power source of a GPS tracking device

A GPS tracker can be powered through an OBDII port of the vehicle or the batteries. The battery-based tracker requires charging once the battery is low. You can check the mAh of the battery before buying the tracker to know its power backup.

What tracking device has the longest range? ›

5 Best Long-Range GPS Trackers
  • Tracki Mini GPS Tracker.
  • Vyncs GPS Tracker.
  • Bouncie – GPS Car Tracker [4G LTE]
  • PrimeTracking Pro GPS Tracker.
Feb 7, 2023

Can I track an AirTag in another state? ›

Yes, AirTags work from anywhere in the world as long as it has Bluetooth signal and a nearby Apple device in the Find My network.

Can an AirTag track a car? ›

When it comes to GPS tracker for car, AirTags are not compatible at all. Tracking a car is entirely different from tracking lost things around your house or neighborhood. Car moves fast and keeps on moving but your AirTags will take a considerable amount of time to update the location.

How often does AirTag update location? ›

How often does AirTag refresh locations? AirTag updates its location information periodically, even if it hasn't detected a new location every one or two minutes. In Lost Mode, Airtag updates its location whenever it detects any nearby iOS devices and updates the owner accordingly.

How does AirTag work without internet? ›

No, the Apple AirTags doesn't use your mobile data, or it doesn't require any internet connection to function. It only needs a stable Bluetooth connection to remain connected with your iPhone or any other iOS device. The tracker chip is powered by Ultra wide radio frequency technology.

Can I add an AirTag to two phones? ›

Can I add an AirTag to two separate phones? Unfortunately, no. AirTags are exclusively linked to the Apple ID they are added to, so to add an AirTag to a different phone with a different Apple ID, you'd need to remove it from the previous iPhone.

Do GPS trackers show the exact location? ›

Once installed, your GPS tracker will bounce information collected from the vehicle between satellites, computers, and receivers, to determine the vehicle's exact, real-time location. Other information that may be collected includes: Engine time. Geofencing status.

What is the difference between a Bluetooth tracker and a GPS tracker? ›

GPS trackers allow you to set up multiple areas where you receive a notification about your tracker's activity. Bluetooth trackers are limited to tracking when you're in range of the Bluetooth signal.

What can trackers see? ›

Your browsing habits: Trackers keep records of what websites you visit, how long you visit for, and what you purchase. They may also record what ads you tend to click on; it all helps to build an advertising profile.

What common technology is used for tracking tags? ›

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID is a tracking technique used in various fields and has numerous indoor and outdoor applications. RFID systems require two main components to work: an RFID tag and a scanner.

How accurate are GPS tags? ›

For example, GPS-enabled smartphones are typically accurate to within a 4.9 m (16 ft.) radius under open sky (view source at However, their accuracy worsens near buildings, bridges, and trees.

How does Tagit work? ›

About this item

The free tag-it™ app automatically alerts you when a tagged item gets out of range, and shows you where the item was last located on a map, and the distance between you and the tracker. tag-it™ before you lose it!

What happens when you tag a fish? ›

Tagging a fish allows a scientist to gather information where the fish is originally tagged and where it is later recaptured (if reported/recorded). Scientists use this information to answer questions about a fish's migration patterns, habitat preferences, diet, mortality, and more.

What does it mean when fish are tagged? ›

In order to manage California's valuable fisheries resources, biologists need to gather information about fish abundance, growth rates, age, migrations, strain identification, and stocking success. One way to collect data is by attaching tags to planted and wild fish.

What should you do if you catch a tagged fish in Wisconsin? ›

Should you catch a tagged fish, it is very important to report it promptly. The information that DNR fish biologists request is fairly simple: The species of fish caught. The date the fish was caught.

What is the reward for tagged striped bass? ›

Most organizations offer a reward for reporting the capture of a tagged striper, usually a commemorative item like a patch, pin or hat.

What is the most common fish ever caught? ›

Largemouth bass are the kings and queens of freshwater game fish in the United States. Along with being one of the most abundant aquatic species in the world, largemouth bass are relatively simple to catch and, as such, are often the primary targets of freshwater anglers everywhere.

What is the #1 most endangered fish? ›

#1 Atlantic Halibut

However, the world will soon be deprived of this largest flatfish as it is one of the most critically endangered fish species. Its native habitat is mainly the gentle and arctic waters of the Northern Atlantic.

What is the rarest fish in the US? ›

The Devils Hole pupfish (Cyprinodon diabolis) is a critically endangered species of the family Cyprinodontidae (pupfishes) found only in Devils Hole, a water-filled cavern in the US state of Nevada.

What happens when you are tagged? ›

A tag is a special kind of link. When you tag someone, you create a link to their timeline. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person's timeline. For example, you can tag a photo to show who's in the photo or post a status update and say who you're with.

How do you avoid being tagged? ›

To update your tag settings:
  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap at the top.
  3. Tap How others can interact with you.
  4. Below Who can tag you, tap a circle to select who can tag you (example: Everyone or No One).

Do fish notice you? ›

Surprisingly, science has found that fish are capable of recognizing their owner's face, even if the owner is standing by the tank with other people. Fish can develop an association between something they like, being fed, with the person who feeds them.

Can I give away a fish I caught? ›

Yes, you can give fish away. The person you give fish to does not need to have a fishing license. A fishing license is only needed to take fish.

What does a yellow tag on a fish mean? ›

If you harvest a game animal bearing a round yellow tag, it means that at some point in its life the animal was treated with a drug. Drug residues may remain in the animal's system for several weeks after it was treated, depending on the particular drug and the species of animal.

Is it illegal to chum for fish in Wisconsin? ›

Chumming refers to the process of scattering ground-up fish (known as chum) in the water as bait, and is illegal in Wisconsin, since it would result in waste being deposited on a stream or lake bed.


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