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When Pipetar, the results depend on your pipette and your selection of the pipette tip.®Filter tips. They keep the performance of Sartorius pipettes and the repeatability of their results as no other advice.

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Ensure the reliability of the results with a perfect tip compatibility.


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For the most demanding applications, you must select pipette tips with high quality standards and purity.

Different packaging options

Choose between sterile tablet tips for clean rooms or our practical recharge options; there is a package for each laboratory.

Simply tablet tips

These pipette ends have a pipette color code tray and are DNASA, RNASA, HUMANON-ADN and Endotoxin that are free according to the limits of the pharmacopoeia.

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Recharge tips

The Eco Recharge Tips are available in a practical tower format or in the Purity certified recharge pack, which is also available as a sterile. They reduce their environmental impact if they replace their empty tray of these recharge packages.

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Bulk tips

Offensive packaging revolutionary helmets reduce space and environmental impact during transport. These bulk pipetting tips are certified and the lid can be rejected.

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Recharge tower

Recharge package


Predetermined tips

Filtered tips


Theseaa, Ruse, adds Humanity, and -Moffia -Egame

The production of the tips in our own production system, the selection of the best article -100% of virgin polypropylene and the control of the manufacturing process from beginning to end allows us to maintain the standards of the highest quality and purity.

Thanks to our quality management system, the high quality of products is not only ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, but also ISO 13485.

An independent laboratory confirms the lack of DNASA, RNASA, Human DNA and endotoxins.Penza certificateIt can be downloaded from our website.

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Optifit | Standard -Tipps

The Sartorius Optifit tips are a high quality option for most pipetrack tasks, with its wide range of friendly packaging options, sterility and purity.

Universal Tip's design makes it compatible with most other pipette brands.

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Safetyspace®| Filrated pipette tips

Safetyspace®The filter tips have the unique difference of the security room so that their sample never touches the filter.

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frequent questions

What are pipette tips?

The extremes of the pipette are a laboratory for the use of polypropylene and are also available with a polyethylene aerosol barrier filter.

Are pipet tips reusable?

Pipete tips can measure the liquid several times, but as soon as they are expelled from the pipette, they should not be reused. To obtain a fog free seal with the pipette, the maximum material is slightly elastic. Income can lead to areduced precision and precision.

When should pipette tips change?

It is generally recommended that the pipette tips change between different liquids and samples, but with specific fluid properties, as if the best pipette results were achieved hot or cold liquids, changing the tip after each problem. It can find a more pipettePractice about more about Sartorius -Pipetting -academy.

What are the boys and functions of different pipettes?

There are several types of pipette tips with specific functions:
- Standard tips are suitable for most applications.
- Archive pipette tips are recommended if the prevention of the cross contamination sample is critical or if dangerous liquids are treated.
- The extremes of the pipette are used to obtain samples and avoid the insertion of the pipette axis into tubes or bottles.
- The wide pipette ends are for the soft management of samples such as cells or DNA or if the sample contains particles.

How is a pipette tip used?

You must use the recommended pipet manufacturers to obtain pipette tips for the best possible performance. The pipette ends should be selected directly with the pipette of a pipette shelf pressing and selecting directly in a waste container after direct use, never cutThe pipette, folding or other forms, since this can affect the results of its pipette.

Can I cut the end of a pipette tip to make it wider?

Never cut the pipette, fold or other forms, as this can affect the results of your pipeline.

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How are the pipette's tips sterilize?

Pipette ends not placed from Sartorius can be sterilized in the upper shells of car slaves at 121 ° C, 1 bar (252 ° F, 15 p.s.i.) For 20 minutes. They can also buy sterile pipette tips.

Why do we use disposable tips for pipeline?

Disposable pipettes are an economic method to measure reagents and samples. They are friendly and effective to prevent contamination.

How to choose the appropriate pipette tip for your experiment?

First, determine if you need sterile pipettes. Take into account the properties of the liquids with which you work.use for aqueous fluids. Conmemorative pipette countences. For viscose or challenging, it is advisable to prove that the pipette and the typification system for an application for an applicationSpecific.

What do you know before buying pipette tips?

Choose pipette tips recommended by the pipette manufacturer to obtain the most reliable and repeatable results. Taking into account the requirements for the application of your pipette, that the type of packaging is more convenient for you: the sterilized and filtered pipettes are available inUnique axis packages, but in a less critical use, save plastic and choose one of the recharge options. The sartorius recharge packages are tested for common pollutants in which the stuffed towers store the bank and the storage space.Good filling tips are an ecological solution that also helps reduce transport emissions.

The tips of my pipette are and fall, what can I do?

Here is a verification list that can pass to check its pipette and the compatibility of the Council:
-Sccion Sartorius Pipette tips with sartorius pipettes (or pipettes recommended by manufacturers)
- Clean the cone of the tip of your pipette and verify dirt
- Be sure to use the right technology to connect the tip (select the tip of a tip box, press the pipette on the tip, do not balancing the tip of the pipette, do not press the pipette. Hand to twist the upper part)
- Verify if there is a transparent and visible sealing ring between the tip and the pipette
- Create a quick review
- Perform performance test for laboratory balance

If the tips are not compatible after cleaning and verifying their technology, send your pipette to repair and maintain maintenance.

Should I use Automatic Filter Tips from Vendade?

The auto -export filter tips block the flow of fluid to the overtaking summary, but also maintain their sample. Safetyspace®Filter tips have exclusive security space®The gap that leaves a lot of space between the upper volume of the tip and the filter in reverse pipes so that you do not have to worry about the review.

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Are the tips of Sartorius Pipete without pyrogen?

Verify the multiple specific analysis certificate (EU/ml). Information on endotoxin tests can be found below.

Is Sartorius pipete sterile?

The ends of the Sartorius pipette are sterilized using electron beam (beta radiation) according to 552 and ISO 11137 in salt 10-6 (level of sterility guarantee).

Are the tips of Sartorius Pipete compatible with class VI?

The plastic resin used for the production of pipette tips is tested for USP661.1 Chapter 88 - USP tests for biological reactivity, in vivo for a class VI plastic and after chapter 87 - in vitro biological reactivity tests for polymers of materials.

The matter also corresponds to the requirements of pH.3.1.3 and 3.1.6.

Pipper resources

Pipper resources

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Simply pipetting with the best pipette buyer guide for 2023

The selection of pipettes, pipette techniques and more, are here in our buyer guidelines. This side is a unique store for everything you need.

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Pipette dicas | filter pipettes | Sartorius (14)

Application note

The role of pipette tips for the best pipette performance ...

The pipettes are carefully evaluated before the selection, but the tips are often selected according to the price.

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Pipette dicas | filter pipettes | Sartorius (15)

steering wheels

High quality pipette tips

Sartorius has an extensive pipette tip, standard high quality tips, extended length tips for drilling tips and filtered tips with a large volume ...

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