Remcon Jersey Barricade - Jersey Style Barricades | JSS 100 ORG (2023)

Remcon 72" Jersey style water filled barricades

    • 42" high x 78" long x 24" wide at base, tapering to 10" wide at top
    • The usable length when interlocked with other Remcon barricades is 72 inches.
    • About 100 pounds. piece (empty weight)
    • Two colors to choose from: Hi-Viz Safety Orange or White.
    • Rods filled with water weight approximately 1,655 full pounds of water
    • Holds up to 182.9 gallons when filled to the top
    • Each barrier has two pockets for storing optional barricade flags (sold separately). All the flags we carry are attached to these barricades.

The Jersey Portable 100lb Water Barrier is possibly the strongest and most secure traffic barrier available. It is used to protect road construction sites and to close roads during resurfacing. Compared to concrete K-rails, plastic water barriers are safer for drivers. Molded male/female ends snap together so installation requires minimal hardware or road stress. The units can be locked at an angle of up to 15 degrees to adjust the curvature. The water-filled barriers are available in attractive orange or white. These water filled plastic water barriers can be filled with sand or water - easy to empty. NCHRP Error Rating: 350, Test Level 1.

Jersey style water filled booms

Traffic Safety Store offers a variety of high quality, multi-purpose plastic mesh screens that are of the highest quality and strength. These security barriers meet the highest safety standards, giving you the confidence to implement barriers for crowd control, physical security, force protection, traffic control, recreational safety and more.

Trusted by thousands of professionals just like you, our easy-to-use jersey style wearable barriers are the highest quality products on the market.

  • Perfect for emergencies as only one person is required for assembly.
  • The size and weight make it a portable plastic barrier.
  • It features an interlocking system that allows our water-filled jersey barrier to bond together and form a line.
  • Easy to stack and separate; Make storage and transportation convenient.
  • Available in two high visibility colors: orange and white.

Our jersey style water filled barriers are very easy to transport and place where safety is a priority. Therefore it is an excellent choice for public works, construction sites and law enforcement purposes - they are designed for security and mobility.

In addition, these plastic barriers are also inexpensive, portable, available in a variety of styles, and can reduce or even prevent damage to vehicles and construction sites when traffic is diverted.

Lightweight design for easy portability

Because these water-filled barriers are lightweight and easy to transport, perimeter protection can be achieved almost instantly. Due to their lightweight design, our jersey-style water-filled booms are the perfect deployment and recovery tool.

  • Jersey-style barriers can be filled with water to ensure optimal stability and security.
  • When empty, these barriers are lightweight and easy to transport. This makes them ideal for short-term projects.
  • Available in two colors for maximum visibility and safety.

When it comes to small jobs or short-term projects, it wouldn't be practical to spend a lot on concrete barriers. Dams filled with water are the best solution for this. You can save not only money but also time as it can be easily transported from one place to another. No trucks or cranes are required for lifting as these barriers are designed to be moved by one person when empty. Plastic crowd barriers are also eco-friendly as they can be reused from project to project.

These outriggers can be filled with sand or water ballast and will not swell or warp easily unlike other water filled outriggers out there. This means you can use your plastic mesh barriers for long-term projects and their durability will improve the ROI of your projects and help you keep costs down.

Using plastic barriers for your project

These plastic barriers can be used in various places where safety is required. It can be used in construction sites, roads and highways, water and sewage projects, and natural disasters or accidents. Compared to concrete road barriers, water filled barriers are more practical for short-term needs as they cost less.

Plastic barriers can be used to divert traffic, set up loading zones, zebra crossings or protect construction sites. Once assembled, these obstacles can be filled with sand or water ballast for added stability. Each barrier has a 6" fill hole at the top and a 2" hole at the bottom for easy drainage.

Our professional quality plastic water filled Jersey barrier is a perfect highway barrier as it is easy to transport, set up and store after each use. Because they can be moved, these plastic barriers are also great for construction sites and temporary work zones. Its high visibility could reduce damage caused by vehicle impact.

The Traditional Jersey Barriers, available from the Traffic Safety Store, weigh 100 pounds when empty, making it easy for your crews to handle, set up and transport the barriers. Weight varies by model, but its lightweight structure allows it to be deployed quickly in emergency situations. Once filled with water, it weighs approximately 1,655 pounds, and that weight provides maximum stability in any situation.

Engineered for security, priced to meet the needs of your project

Traffic Safety Store is proud to say that we offer the cheapest options on the market, yet the highest quality water filled barriers and other barrier products. Our water barricades have proven to be durable, lightweight, portable and recyclable. They can be used as is or filled with water or sand for extra stability.

We believe safety should be the number one priority on any job site and to prevent careless fatalities of drivers and their passengers the use of a water barrier is highly recommended. It can reduce the impact and protect the area from these vehicles. It is not only inexpensive but also practical to use. No wonder our water-filled barriers are the most sought-after options for workspaces.

The leading supplier of water-filled jersey booms

With so many industrial and commercial applications for Jersey style water filled barriers, it can be difficult to understand the type of Jersey style water filled barriers you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers like you select the perfect Jersey style water filled barrier for any project or application.

Call our trusted experts when you're ready to find the road safety items you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem and our commitment to fast delivery will get your road safety products into your hands quickly.Contact us today for more information!

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      Excellent! We placed our order online. It was easy and painless. Traffic safety notified us at every turn without us having to ask. The product arrived earlier than expected. We'll be coming back. Thank you to all your staff.

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      This experience, like all previous orders, was exceptional. The sellers are very well prepared and provide valuable and relevant information. It is a pleasure to do business with a company like this. They have great products, great service and friendly people, a very welcome change from the rude and unprepared sales teams of many of my sellers.

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