'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (2023)

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (1)

Imagem: Netflix/Wildbrain

Set to launch in mid-December 2022, Netflix's big new Sonic series will bring a fresh take on the classic SEGA character. Looking for an overview of who is voicing the iconic characters in the new Netflix series? Here's an overview of the full voice cast you'll hear in Sonic Prime.

Produced by SEGA, WildBrain and Marza, the first batch of episodes from the newanimated series for childrenits release is scheduled for December 15, 2022. It contains eight episodes in total, including a 40-minute premiere episode.

Deven Christian Mack como Sonic

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:Sonic, Cubot and Orbot
Known for:57 language creditsespecially on children's television.
Previous Netflix projects: Angry Birds: Sommerwahnsinn(food),Equipamento Zenko Go(Ian),the dragon prince(Jones)

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (2)

Image: Netflix/IMDb

Veteran Caribbean voice actor Deven Mack voices the title character of Sonic for the first time.

According to a press release available on What's on Netflix, Mack was the shyest kid in school and started his career at the age of 17.

You might be surprised to learn that Mack also owns the robotic pair of Cubot and Orbot, both creations of Dr. Eggman are pronounced.

Sonic in video games has been voiced by Ryan Drummond, Jason Griffith and, more recently, Roger Craig Smith.

Nos filmes live-action da Paramount Pictures, Ben Schwartz dubla Sonic.

Brian Drummond como Dr. Eggman

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:Eggman, Mr. Dr. Eggman e Dr. Done It
Known for: Dragon Ball ZyDeath note
Other Netflix projects:the last children on earth(Rover, König Wretch),deepa e anop(Gordi),the willoughbys die,ythe dragon prince.

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (3)

With over 300 credits to his name, Drummond is a voice-over industry veteran who has voiced characters in animated series, anime series, and video games.

This isn't the first time Drummond has appeared in a Sonic title. He voiced Knuckles and Stripes in the 1999 series Sonic Underground.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie, Dr. Eggman played by Jim Carrey.

Here is Eggman's official character description:

"Sonic's eternal nemesis, still bent on world domination with his army of Badnik robots. Dr. Eggman hatches a plan to dismantle the Paradox Prism and use its transformative energy to turn the paradise of Green Hill into a mechanistic dystopia. is catapulted into the alternate realities of the Shatterverse, we get an up-close look at what life would be like if Dr. Eggman truly took the lead.

Ashleigh Ball como Tails

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:number nine and number
Known for:Voz de Applejack e My Little Pony
Previous Netflix projects: test jonny(Jeff),To cave(mira)

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (4)

Image: Netflix/IMDb

Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic the Hedgehog's sidekick and close friend and is voiced by Ashleigh Ball in this series.

Here is the official description of Tails onSonic-Prime:

"Ever since Sonic saved him from a group of intimidating thugs, Tails has looked up to him and has been his partner. He uses his twin tails to fly like a helicopter and is the leader of the group, making all sorts of gadgets to help the crew. passes. fights his enemies. Tails always looks before he jumps and if Sonic would just stop and listen to him, things would go much better.

Tails starred in Paramount Pictures' Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and was portrayed by Colleen O'Shaughnessey. In video games, the character was previously voiced by Kate Higgins, Amy Palant, and Corey Bringas.

Adam Nurada as Knuckles The Echidna

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:ankle
Known for:Netflix Deepa e Anoop

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (5)

New to voice acting (first mentioned on the list is in 2018) is Adam Nurada, who will take on the role of Knuckles, previously voiced by Idris Elba in the live-action film, as well as Dave B. Mitchell, Travis Willingham. and Dan. Green in previous iterations.

Here's the official character description of Knuckles in Sonic Prime:

"Knuckles may be the last of his kind, but he never backs down from the fight. Driven by duty and no time for fun or games, the stalwart Knuckles uses his eponymous spiked knuckles to knock down bad guys, climb and break through seemingly impenetrable barriers. save your friends.

Shannon Chan-Kent como Amy Rose

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:Amy, Rusty Rose, habitantes rebeldes
Known for:main actressChord,good effort,ylife sentence. appealMy Little Pony.
Previous Netflix projects: the sea creature(Swamp),Of(Kiki),a different life(Again),hello ninja(cara)

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (6)

Canadian voice actress and live-action actress Shannon Chan-Kent will play Amy Rose in the new series, adding to her nearly 300 credits.

Fun fact: Shannon Chan-Kent also made a brief appearance as a waitress in the first live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

According to WildBrain, here's the official character description of Amy Rose from Sonic Prime:

A protector of nature with a pure heart, Amy puts her friends first. But she shouldn't be fooled by this hedgehog's friendly exterior. Where he may lack the speed of the rest of the crew, he makes up for it with the raw power of his trademark Piko Piko Hammer, which he uses to pummel Dr. Eggman with ease.

Kazumi Evans as Rouge

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:Rouge, Rebel Rouge, intercom, security drone
Known for: My Little PonyyDepth
Previous Netflix projects:Johnny Test (Sally), The Hollow (Nisha)

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (7)

With over 75 credits to her name, the Canadian actress is no stranger to animation, having worked on some big titles in her career.

Voice actors assigned to the role in previous years include Karen Strassman, Kathleen Delaney and Lani Minella.

Here's what you can expect from Rouge (akarouge the bat) in the new series:

"Rouge the Bat is a cunning spy and fierce flying fighter with an uncanny kick. A seasoned thief with a penchant for jewels, she has long had her eye on the prism of paradox. A mercenary by nature, she enjoys teaming up with Sonic and your friends when your interests align.”

Ian Hanlin como Big The Cat e Shadow the Hedgehog

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:Big The Cat, New Yoke Big The Cat, Eggforcer e Shadow
Known for:My Little Pony, Sausage Party and Lego Jurassic World
Previous Netflix projects: Angry Birds: Sommerwahnsinn,test jonny, youfrench fries and potato

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (8)

Ian Hanlin, who will play Shadow the Hedgehog and Big the Cat, has multiple roles for Sonic Prime. No more voice actor50 dubbing creditsfor your name

Here are the two descriptions of its two main characters in the new series.

Igel's Shadow:

“Sonic's biggest rival and a very serious rival, Shadow's unique Air shoes allow him to rival Sonic in speed. He seeks out the Chaos Emeralds to power his Chaos Control technology to warp space-time and teleport, allowing him to guide Sonic at key points on his journey through the Shatterverse."

Big the cat:

“Despite his imposing size, Big the Cat is a gentle giant who prefers to relax and fish with his friend Froggy by his side. But you can count on him to help Sonic and his friends in an emergency!

Vincent Tong como Dr. Deep

All voiced characters in Sonic Prime:Renegade Knucks, Dr. deep
Known for:Buck Wild's Ice Age Adventures, Dragons: The Nine Realms
Previous Netflix projects:Chip and Potato, Johnny Test, Starbeam, The Dragon Prince, Super Monsters

'Sonic Prime' Voice Cast And Where You've Heard Them Before (9)

Canadian voice actor Vincent Tong has over 150 acting credits to his name and will play at least two characters in Sonic Prime.

Due to spoiler issues, we can't provide any additional details on who exactly is voicing Vincent Tong throughout the series, so you'll have to tune in to find out.

WaitSonic-Primeon netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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